BEWARE: Payoneer automatically declines under 18 years of age


This probably only applies to less than 5% (this is a completely random number which is probably completely incorrect) of Fiverr users, but if you’re still under the age of 18, Payoneer will automatically decline your account, which can be a major setback if you don’t like the wait of PayPal.

I may sound “spoiled” or whatever, but a multi-day weight just for it to transfer from PayPal without certainty that it actually is being transferred due to the confusing wording the website uses ON TOP of the two-week+ wait time just to accumulate enough money to the point it is worthwhile can become kinda absurd.

I was hoping that, with Payoneer, if I needed that quick burst of money to bring my account balance back up from balancing on the edge of absolute nothingness, but due to the age requirement, this is pretty much impossible.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still more than glad that I have a way to receive money from online.

One last thing before I go, what do you believe is a good increment to withdraw money from your account? Every $50, $100, $200? Keep in mind I’m making ~$200-$400 per month but want to withdraw more than twice per month.


That’s surprising about Payoneer…
In terms of fees, this is the situation regarding fees for withdrawing to Paypal from Fiverr (which is separate to withdrawing to you bank unfortunately)

Aside from the fee consideration, it is really up to what suits you. I withdraw weekly.


Ohh, good to know since I’m under 18.
But can’t I just use a parents account?


To be fair, I can understand this. Payoneer is basically a Bank of America front/pseudo bank for people who need 90% of the benefits of an American bank account without being resident of the United States. In this case it is only reasonable that they would decline applications from people below a certain age limit.

What I will also say is that although I ddn’t like the idea of using Payoneer at first, I have used this card for over a year now and keep stumbling upon new benefits.

First, depending on how you use the card, charges are much less than non-Fiverr alternatives such as Skrill. In fact, I’ve linked another platform which I freelance on with my Fiverr Payoneer card, even though I used to use Skrill with them.

Secondly, I can use Payoneer as a real US bank account in many ways which I didn’t even realize could be of benefit until I had reason to need such services.

In this case, sorry for your trouble but if you can get your hands on a Fverr Payoneer card, it’s actually a very good deal.


@stefansmc609 - Yes you can use a parent’s paypal/Payoneer information.

@braden10collins Just so you know, Paypal is NOT available to users under the age of 18 OUTSIDE of the US.

Whatever suits your needs. If you don’t really need the money, I suppose waiting so that you don’t pay Paypal fees (although minimal) at every withdrawal.

Best of luck!


Also be careful about sending money to your parents bank account as it may look odd to the tax man, depending on the amounts and regularity of payments.


Payoneer apparently have a lot of issues. … mine is that, I can’t send fund to another payoneer account. Even after complaining to them and sending mails, they still couldn’t release my “send” button.