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Beware possible scammer- Just make you trouble

Beware of scammers. I hired a gig and he was telling me how he would provide me the best design and service.

However, since I was expecting the design could complete smoothly then he just gave me the thing which is completely copied from somewhere else. It turns around this gig is showing me very bad attitude. Using several inappropriate languages to against me.

I found this person is not the first time got the bad review. If you don’t want to get any unexpected product. I highly recommend you to consider it.


These types of posts, specifically calling out a seller or buyer, are against Fiverr’s community guidelines.

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So do you have any idea or experience how i identify or avoid such kind of scammer…?

OP wrote “I found this person is not the first time got the bad review.”, so, read the reviews before you order, definitely. Also read the replies of the seller to bad reviews, to see how they react to problems.
Ideally make a small order first and see how that goes before ordering something bigger/more expensive.
For bigger orders it’s best to communicate with the seller to see whether they are able to understand what you want from them, maybe ask a relevant question which they should be able to answer if they really can provide what they offer.