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Beware - Possible Scammer


Just would like to warn sellers out there (especially any sellers who post reviews online) that there is a possible scammer making the rounds.

The user is Fragglesrock and they are asking sellers to do the service, and then they will buy your gig. This sounded fishy to me, so I didn’t bite the bait at first.

Next thing I knew, they had sent me a picture of everyone they contacted - telling me I was on the list to get paid if I posted the reviews.

I contacted all the sellers on the list and so far, I haven’t found anyone that went through with their scam. For any sellers new to Fiverr, if a buyer asks you to do a service before they buy your gig, make sure they can be trusted first.


Thanks for the tip! (I’m new on here.)


@tannerman report this to customer support and send them the screenshot this person sent you. This is 100% a scam.