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Beware the Inbox Bug - Don't get Flagged for Sending Spam

For the past few days, my inbox has been acting screwy. Some buyer messages seem to have been lost before I receive them, and a few buyers have reported not being able to attach my copywriting questionnaire, as it exceeds (apparently) the Fiverr 1GB upload limit. (It does not. It’s a 238KB Word file.)

Anyway, today some messages aren’t coming through at all. I get a notification which shows the start of a message like below:


However, all that appears in my inbox is this:

Or this:

Basically, buyer messages get lost and if I try to reply to ask for a buyer to resend a message, I risk looking like I am sending unsolicited spam. (In this case, I am not responding.)

If you get hit by the same bug, I would recommend also not responding for the same reasons.


I had one of those quite a while ago where it automatically sent the message from the buyer to spam but it only showed a very small amount of words from the message and no full message like in the screenshot. I explained I only got part of the message but they never replied and setting it to not spam too late (because it didn’t show in the inbox) made my response rate go down.

I assume if you explain that you only got part of the message (and which part) and they can see in the “message header” that they sent the message first and can see that there was a problem with the message then they are probably not likely or less likely to flag it as spam, and explaining that may then get them to respond with what their original request was.

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Sorry to hear that…Have you contacted customer support about this problem? Or I can help you report the bug to customer support, if you want

I’ve been sending repeated messages to a buyer who refuses to respond and not been flagged for spam.

Update: This message eventually came through and I think delays/missing messages might be something to do with Fiverr filtering messages for certain words.

I say this as the message read:


Since writing profiles and gig descriptions for other sellers is (I have heard on the grapevine) not allowed, I am guessing that this persons message was flagged accordingly. Possibly, it also had something to do with them referring to another ‘freelance website.’

Of course, there was no explicit mention of another platform (unless Freelancer counts). However, that’s the theory I’m rolling with.

If that is a buyer who has already placed an order, it’s different. I don’t and won’t have an order from this person. Because their message didn’t fully come through until now, it would have looked like I was reaching out to them first, rather than the other way round, which is against TOS.

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Oh I see. If you had said something like “I see you have sent me a message but it has not come through. It appears as a blank space” it would probably not have a bad effect.

I am interested that you send a questionnaire. I am going to explore sending a questionnaire asking where they found my gig. I have a lot of people who message me without contacting me through my gigs and don’t know where they are finding me from. From what they say or ask about it seems they have never seen my gigs at all.

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Same here. It wasn’t obvious whether the messsage was spam or not, so I replied in the way you suggested. Turned out to be spam or someone asking for a ToS-violating service or such, I forgot. Nothing happened, not even my response rate dropped, surprisingly. :wink:

I’ve noticed delays lately, both with desktop and app. Those weird missing/partial messages, however, had turned out to always have been messages that Fiverr had sorted into the spam folder, I think.

Could also be. The other day, I got a red popup warning to not ask for specific reviews or so for one of my messages (I never do ask for any reviews at all), in which I copied part of a client’s text to ask them something. There happened to be the number “5” and the word “star” contained in “Startup” in my message. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Similar to the papaya issue someone once posted about. Someone needs to teach that AI context. :sweat_smile:

“Another platform” sounds like a siccar trigger word.


I only send it as a deterrent/bad buyer filter. The majority of people who message me say just “I need content writing.” My questionnaire, therefore, asks for all the basic information I need to start on a project. i.e:

  • What is the name of the company you’d like me to write the copy for?
  • In what year was your business established?
  • What is the name of your product/service/project?
  • For which page(s) do you require me to write copy for? E.G. Home? About Us?
  • Can you provide a few reasons why you are different (or better) than your competitors?

90% of the time, no one responds as they simply don’t like being asked to say what they want or can’t articulate what they want. This is fine with me though, as it means I do not have to ask all the same questions via a lengthy inbox chat, and the people who do respond place bigger, better quality orders.

I’m not sure you would be allowed to ask buyers where they found you etc. In this case, you might wand to clear a questionnaire like that with CS before you start sending one out.

How about adding it as a non-mandatory question to your order requirements page?
You could write something nice that makes clear they don’t need to respond/can ignore that question.
Of course, to be sure it’s okay for Fiverr, you could ask support first, as Cy recommended for the questionnaire option.

Thanks for the update about this bug.