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Beware The New Delivery Bug!

Well, this is hugely embarrassing. As mentioned on another thread, I have a problem buyer who doesn’t want to accept delivery of their order. I rejected this dispute and despite the buyer going silent, sent a revised version of their order. They remained silent until just now when I received this:

"Getting a message saying that the file is corrupted and cannot open"

Confused, I downloaded my previously delivered file, to find a corrupted doc file with just the following readable content:

I do not know how this happened. Files I deliver do not include my Fiverr username, even in the file metadata. Then I noticed that the file size of the document I delivered was tiny:

Notice that this document appears to have been uploaded successfully. However, it has a tiny file size of 162 Bytes.

When I attempted to re-upload this document, the same thing occurred, until I refreshed the window, resaved my file in a new Word and PFD format, and re-uploaded again.


Please note though, that these attachments have been sent as message attachments, not official deliveries. I do not actually need to send a new delivery as this order is not in revision status.

What is frightening about this bug is that I have been double and triple checking to make sure that delivered files send without disappearing. Now it seems that files can show as delivered. However, you won’t know unless you attempt to redownload them whether they have been fully uploaded and delivered to buyers or not.

Watch out and check your recent deliveries!


Thank you for this post. Do you think the problem is with only .docx files?

Also why not redeliver it as a delivery since the first delivery didn’t work?

It might save you from being banned for seemingly sending an empty delivery.

I wonder why your buyer went silent at first rather than telling you about it immediately.

You could send it as a delivery and also send the same thing as a message attachment, with an explanation that there is a bug that deletes files that you deliver and to let you know if the delivered files seem to be corrupted or not there.

What if you were to deliver a dropbox link to the file? Would that solve the problem?


I did try to redeliver but the upload failed. (It didn’t but showed the same small file size). In this case, I have sent this delivery as a message attachment which has sent successfully so the buyer has their files, and now sent a new delivery which has also sent successfully. Also this order was not in an official revision or dispute status.

I have just checked all my recent deliveries and video and .docx, pdf, and other files, have been sent successfully. In this case, I don’t know whether this is the result of an upload timeout problem or something else.

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Maybe you could use PDF files for a while. Those might go through ok.

Or send both PDF and .docx.

This is so serious that it needs an immediate fix of some kind.

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Dang it, Andy. Not you again!!! For some reason, you’ve been a little too unlucky lately. I feel sorry for you. :crying_cat_face:

Thanks for the heads-up. I had a look at my recently delivered orders, downloaded the attached .doc/.docx files (from the order page), and had a look at them. Luckily, they were all okay.

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This is the frightening part about this. I have lots of buyers who disappear after delivery. In 24-hours, this order would have been marked as complete, Then if the buyer complained to CS, I would likely get a warning or a ban.

That said, this is an unpaid revision. The original order was delivered successfully. After I offered to revise the work after the buyer opened a dispute, they went silent and so I decided to revise this myself, rather than wait for the order to automatically complete.

Now I will be triple checking all deliveries but to be quite honest, this isn’t really practical.

Based on this I’m going to immediately begin sending PDF files for my delivery and double checking them. It’s way too dangerous not to double check each delivery now.

This is why I do all deliveries via dropbox. Thru the years have fought many a bug with uploads. Since switching, no problems.

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Or maybe it’s not really a bug but a way to cull the herd.

But how does this get recognized as a delivery? Something needs to be attached to a delivery or Fiverr can’t verify or not whether something has been delivered.


Fiverr Support used to recommend this as an option. Under the current system you should be aware that you can get a warning for doing it, though.

" * A seller must deliver their files via Fiverr’s platform, rather than via external cloud platforms (such as Dropbox)."


Annoying and time wasting but maybe, until things clear up, you could deliver the order twice, through the delivery and as an attachment through message, explaining your buyer something like "Due to problems related to uploading files and to ensure you get your order … "

Did you try a different browser? At times I’ll have problems in Firefox that I won’t have problems with in Chrome and vice versa.

I have faced same problem some times with JPEG files. I had been trying several times deliver file via order page but file was disappeared just after upload. It was just frustrating thing. Ultimately I had to deliver file via inbox.

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Never get a warning. It asks if I forgot to attach, but never once a warning. I often deliver several hundred megabytes and fiverr can’t handle that.

No problem being recognize as delivery as the dropbox link is in the delivery.

I understand that you’ve never been warned before. Fiverr Support used to tell people to use Dropbox. I don’t know what they would say about large files if you asked them now, it would be interesting to know. All I am pointing out is that the Fiverr help files now specifically say to use the inbox only, not Dropbox. I would not want someone to get a warning because they followed advice from a forum post.

Great, another day another thing to worry about. Peachy.

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I agree, this one is especially irritating since the info is somewhat buried and I don’t know how someone can deliver very large files. Still, I’d rather people be aware and ask Support personally than be unaware and get slammed.

Thank you for posting this, I will have an eye on the size of the deliveries, though never experienced that bug before. I think the source of all of those issues comes from (maybe) ajax and how the browser interacts with the servers. In order to minimize risks, I try to be “slow” when attaching documents. No tab switching, no rush in sending the message/delivery, just leave it at least for 20 seconds before clicking the send button. Also, try to keep your connection clean (if you are downloading something, be sure to left enough bandwith for upload).