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Beware The New Delivery Bug!


In fairness, my video files seem to be delivering fine. Also, I can’t seem to replicate this. (I have delivered 3 times since reporting this).

Possibly the problem is on my side and the result of a dropped connection. I really don’t think that is the case, as both delivery attempts were days apart. - Or maybe this happened because the order had been disputed?

Anyway, the upside is that I have just discovered that PDF files appear as live portfolio samples on writing gigs. At least that is something to exploit. :slight_smile:


Update on the delivery bug:

I’ve had cancelled orders recently due to buyers not seeing the delivery. They think I didn’t deliver anything, or got it late


Thank you for sharing your experience with us. It will be very helpful us.


I’m not sure if this is the same delivery bug, but I just received an oh-so-lovely warning because I allegedly delivered two empty files to a client. In fact, I had delivered two Word files containing content. Before I clicked “Deliver,” I made sure the files had fully uploaded to Fiverr. There was no indication on my end that anything was wrong with the uploading or delivery process, and the files themselves weren’t overly huge. However, somehow, the client ended up receiving empty files, and requested a revision. That revision request triggered Fiverr’s robo warning system and I got dinged. I’m paranoid now that the same thing is going to happen again with a future order. Every day it seems like there’s a new minefield to avoid, and it’s making me question whether the stress is worth it.


You could try downloading the delivered files as soon as you’ve delivered them and if you find a problem with them you could re-deliver as soon as possible.

Another option is to attach and also provide a link to them on dropbox as a backup.


Thanks for sharing this.


Mine was a little different. They weren’t empty deliveries but instead seemed as if they were late which they weren’t. I’m still not sure what happened. I was told that it is now a standard message everyone gets whenever there is a chargeback that the reason is shown that the delivery was late.


Caution, the delivery bug may be back, kind of.

I just delivered an order but to my astonishment, nothing showed up on the order page, not even the delivery message, nothing at all.

I checked and the order showed up under “Delivered” in the “Orders” tab sure enough, but not seeing either my delivery message or the hopefully attached files on the order page as usual, of course I couldn’t be sure that my delivery actually got through.

Then, I refreshed the page a few times, cleared Cookies&Cache, logged out and back in, and checked again, nothing on the order page, still the conversation as last item, no delivery.

So, I used the “Redeliver” button which was available, wrote a new delivery message, mentioning that the upload seems to not work currently and that I’d send the files via inbox if I still would not be able to see my delivery as gone through, and attached the files again.

Still, no delivery showing, so I went to the inbox, wrote a message and attached the files there. Before sending, though, luckily I went to the order page to check again, and suddenly, both my delivery and the redelivery showed, and both with the files attached.

There was also a message that simply kept showing as unread even though I clicked it several times to make the pink dot go away around the same time, so maybe there was some general lag issue and all is well now. I hope. :slight_smile:

Anyway, wanted to leave that here as a reminder to always check if you can see your delivery message with the attached files showing up and in case other people got/get this bug too, give it a little time before using the inbox for delivery, in case it’s the same as in my case and just a lag issue (I usually don’t get any lag between sending the delivery and seeing it on the order page, so I thought of the delivery bug right away).


I had this twice, but I realise it happens after uploading the deliery;s file and I click right away the button saying Deliver now,something 2,3 sec,after the upload is complete, I guess better wait something like 30 s or more after confirm to send the delivery.hope that will help.