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Beware This Buyer - Hope this won't happen to you

Hi Guys,

My name is Syed Tirmizi. Unfortunately I am not an active member of the forum. But I hope all you guys are well and enjoying your work on fiverr as much as I am. Fiverr has been a great addition in my life. I have been working on it from the very start , initially as a buyer but later started working here as a seller too. Providing my services in programming niche. Over the years I have had the privileged to work with amazing clients. Still in love with my work and fiverr. The support has been amazing as well.

Anyways A few days back came across an unfortunate case , that everyone here hopes they could avoid. But just wanted to share my experience here so maybe others could learn from this and it could help you guys in future to deal with such clients more carefully.

Long story short, I received a negative feedback from a client on my main gig , on 8th April 2018 whose job was completely done and he confirmed that everything was ok on 27th March 2018.

I was so happy with my patience and the way I was able to complete the job. Because the way the client was responding and was very aggressive and abusive at times I was sure that this won’t end well even the job was very easy and low paying $ 15 only, but you know when the client decides that they are not going to allow you to complete your work or give you the chance but eventually I was able to sort things out and get his confirmation that the job was done completely.

I didn’t even ask him for rating the job , after it was completed just cause I honestly didn’t want to deal with him. But my replies were very professional and courteous all the way which you can read as well.

Here’s is the link to the whole case *****************

I am still not sure what did I do wrong in this case. Except I didn’t bow down to the client when he insulted me and lied about me not doing my job. Basically he came back in the inbox saying that I will remove the feedback if you fix the website. So this is the best way he thought to get the extra work done without paying any more $$$. But I don’t like to be exploited, I have been working honestly almost 24/7 for too long.

But your suggestions would be welcome.


MOD NOTE: Short Link Removed

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It is against forum rules to name and shame buyers and sellers so you need to remove the link immediately before your post is seen by the moderators.


Have you noticed that this ‘buyer’ also sells web development services on Fiverr? It looks like hs has tried to sabotage you on purpose.


My goal is not to shame the buyer, but to make aware of others. I wish you would have read the whole situation. You’d have realized I am doing a favor to all the hardworking services providers here. Who put their sweat and blood in their work. Every ratings is important , every cancellation is important. So this could be a test case for them to learn as well.

Again my goal here is not to defame anyone, but to educate about the possilities what people can do and how they can exploit. I am sure he has tried to do this to me , would have done it before me and will do it again to future sellers with whom he’ll deal.


Yeah the thought did cross my mind , but when it all was sorted out at first. I was happy that it ended, but when he came back after two weeks , and no message , straight forward negative feedback and claiming I ruined his website. Where he was the one who confirmed twice that the website was ok.


I understand what you are saying but I was just giving you a heads up as to the forum rules.


Believe me , I read the all the forum rules , before posting this thread, cause I wouldn’t want to be violating them either. But believe me this was such bad experience from all aspects and after being so patient with the guy, in the end you get this. So it was very unfortunate … and I feel , you know its our job as we are working on fiverr and want this community to be as clean and as safe as possible

he is lying he cant change feedback so dont get into work with such clients again block him
thats the only solution i am also a web developer here on fiverr i also faced similar situations the best way to deal with them is to not to deal with them at all !

Hope this helps


Trust me we all had our fair share of difficult buyers. :wink:

If he rated you negatively, you can also use the feedback for him to be constructive by pointing out to any buyers that he is also a seller of similar service and possibly trying to undermined your service and take a look at other reviews as well.

I suggest you take a look at how other sellers use their feedback to the buyer in a similar situation.


I think you should post the link/file to your review of the client rather than here, since their name is already out there. I know of some people who do imgur reviews for certain problematic clients to make sure their side of the story is heard thoroughly.

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Brother , I undertand what you mean, and believe me , I am the kind of person who rates 5 star to the people who rated me 4 stars or 3 at times. Because I know I was not able to provide the kind of quality in a particular job. I accept negative feedback with no hardfeelings when I know that I deserve it. But in this particular case , this guy , just wanted to ruin my reputation so that he could get extra work , or exploit me to get more work and fix the issues that he himself caused or somebody else. Or like another guy pointed out here that maybe since he is also offering programming gigs , so he could be trying to bring my gig down by such low tactics.

I am not bothered much , I know I did my job fully and remained professional in front of a very rude customer who didn’t deserved the kind of respect and professionalism but what he did is his nature and perhaps what I did is what I do in every single job.

Ahhh , the moderators removed the link to the document that I created , it’s a shame , cause such scammers and cheaters should be exposed. But you can find the him as he left a negative review on my wordpress gig.

we cant visit your account i think fiverr also deleted your account

No, I know that, I saw the document before they deleted it. I was saying you should post a link to the document in response to his negative review to prove your side of the story.

Nope - it’s a forum thing - remove the ‘1’. :wink:

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gotcha …:+1:

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This situation could have been avoided.

  • Before you start working on the site you need to make a full backup.
  • Then you make the necessary changes
  • Once the job is done you will create another backup and ask customer to verify that the job is done
  • Once the customer accepts your delivery they should delete your account (access to the site)


  • If they come back later and say that you messed it up after delivery, then you can say that you didn’t have access.
  • If they say the problem was caused by your work and they missed it during revision, then you can revert the site back to the previous state from the backup and check if the problem was caused by you.

At the start I was lacking this thing but later I started to do the backup. Even if I have to do a simple task I create backup and mesage the buyer that I am doing backup then will start because we can’t trust anyone here

If you have a problem with someone, you should report them to Customer Support, not violate forum rules. The mods just did what they had to do.

Anyway, that buyer left the link for his website in the review, so anyone can easily check it out.


Brother ,

Its very easy to say all that, I am not a noob here. I have over 10 K jobs and almost 7 K positive reviews. So I understand what you are saying. But when the client comes back after two weeks , and trashes you without messaging you or anything about something you have not done. And tries to exploit you that you caused these issues (which you have not) and that if you want me to remove the worest feedback that anybody can leave then you have to fix this for me.

The most unfortunate part of the whole ordeal was that the fiver CS staff can see everything , and everything is written , and what he’s accusing me of he himself admitted twice before that everything was ok. that concludes the job officially. Whatever he says after two weeks should be irrlevant and I told him in my later conversation , that you have disrespected me but I will still help you but in order for me to do that you’ll have to appologize for all that you’ve said & accept that this issue was not there. If you think you can threaten me to get the work done I am not that kind of person. I can handle this unjustified negative feedback , but I won’t be exploited to help a cheater or scammer.