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Beware this buyer. Tried to give me a virus. User Name: [Fragglesrock]

This buyer just contacted me about a purchase. Said the description of what he needed done was in a zip folder he attached. The file in the folder contained a trojan horse. If he gets to any of you do not, do not, DO NOT open the zip folder. Just click the report button.

THIS is why there needs to be some leeway in the “don’t call other people out” rule.

So much of this happening here later… =/

Reply to @pghhearts: I guess I don’t spend enough time on this forum to know if there is such a rule. But if there is, you’re right. I guess the spirit of the reason for “calling someone out” should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. My only motivation in posting this was to protect other sellers.

Reply to @madmoo: Thank you for that, madmoo. Like most sellers, I’ve had times where a buyer and I saw things differently and the transaction ended poorly. I wouldn’t support calling someone out in a case like that. But if someone is trying to spread viruses, the ONLY way to stop them is to warn people who’s doing it. I appreciate your fair judgment. :slight_smile:

This is actually tough since I tend to get a lot of zip files from my buyers

that includes photos so I can use them as references for my drawing gig.

So far I haven’t had any problems, but now that I have read this I’m getting worried.

Not sure what to do if I get a message/order from a buyer that also sent me a

zip file. Maybe I can just ask them to upload the photos individually??? :-?

Thanks for the warning.

madmoo said: Hello, i like what you are doing here, i was searching on google and i have found exactly what i am looking for but i trust fiverr so i keep searching here on fiverr until i found you, i attached a slideshow file that present every thing i need please check it out and let me know if this is something you can do, if so please tell me how much it will cost with express delivery extra. Thank you"

I got exactly the same thing and with an executable inside a zip file. With the amount of these now flying around its pretty clear this is a generic message not aimed at any specific gig and the goal here appears to be to send out as many as possible in the shortest time frame possible before the account gets canned.

Reply to @madmoo: Yes, that was the message I got from the buyer. Word for word.

Reply to @zeus777: I don’t think there is any need to beware zip folders. I get them all the time as well and don’t think twice about opening them. It was just that one particular buyer tried to sneak something malicious into one. If you look at madmoo’s message above, it contains the message to be on the look out for.

Scan all received files before and after opening.

Moderators should be given authority to leave usernames in legitimate warning posts that quite obviously have nothing to do with services or products ordered or the opinions thereof.

Maybe it will take a DOS attack on Fiverr’s servers before they see the light. And if it’s already happened, they should know better than to prevent their moderators from spreading the word about these idiots.