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This guy selling theme from themeforest but theme is not working as like he said he send me 2 theme and I purchased his extra gig for “I will make your themeforest theme like your theme demo link for $20” but he can’t do that he said “I am unable to do this work because this theme demo making required for shortcode. But I am not familiar with wordpress shortcode.” but his profile "I am a software developer and web programmer.I have 5 years experience with web programming language… bla bla bla one more thing in his review its look like he paid for someone for make his review look good because some of them he from seller on fiverr and he a programmer as well ,tried to avoid his respond and he said he is gig level2 he has to work a lot bla bla… just like he does not fixed any problem ,please take a look on our meessage.

Sheriff’s note: Please do not ‘name names’ on the forum. Contact either the seller or customer support with any issues

I’ve heard of themeforest and was wondering if the themes in use are from their very own portfolio or something. Regardless the case, a little troubleshooting wouldn’t hurt or better yet a web search to resolve the issue they were having.