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Beware: Vacation Mode


Hi all,

Well fiverr really outdid themselves this time. I have been demoted because i was on vacation mode and fiverr let an order go through! The loophole seems to be because it was an offer i had sent someone over a month ago that they never followed up and then decided to - when i was on vacation, and i mean literally a backpacking vacation. I can’t do voice over if i’m freaking backpacking! So this dropped my completion rate down – very conveniently – to below 90% to 88% and so they could then strip me of a level.

If you are going on vacation i would try and go back through every offer you have sent in the past few months if you can. and cancel them. Of course i never knew i would have to do this and i have no idea how i would have found them all as i have such a busy inbox of orders.

But as from previous experiences fiverr never look after the seller, they don’t care about glitches in their system, they don’t care about you or I, just the money they reap. They don’t give a sh*t and that’s the end of the story. If you’re ok working for people like that, well that’s your choice.

Honestly no idea why i am still here after all the trouble i have had with this company, even though i have ongoing perfect reviews. If it wasn’t for a few of my beloved clients i wouldn’t be and I feel i won’t be for much longer. Not once have they tried to help me with anything even though i have well and truly proved myself after several years here.


When you send a custom offer, you can set it to expire after a certain time. I’ve always set mine to expire after 2 days.


That’s why you always need to set an expiration date when you send out offers.
You never know if you sent someone an offer of $5 to someone and then a year later when your gigs are $20, they come back with the $5 gig.


This should be reported as a bug… You should not receive orders while on vacation.


This happened to me too last year. I learned from my mistake. Nowadays, I try to put an expiry date on all custom offers.

SIDE NOTE: I remember someone posting on the forum how his custom offer got accepted 2 years after he sent it. So something good can also come out of the “glitch.”


Did you actually contact fiverr support about this? They are becoming a bit more helpful lately