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Beware voice over artists, don't get scammed!


Here is a recent post on the voice over seller request page

" I would like to have this recorded, it might go on TV in Sweden and the one we will pick will get 500USD then: read this-> There is 3 things I would love to have in my life, I said… A orange porsche carerra, a girl to drive home to, and a watch from William Strouch, the gold edition."

You will not get paid $500. If this was reputable, and they were willing to pay this amount of money for that amount of work, then they would not be going to Fiverr to find the talent. They would be using union voice over actors from a very reputable site. I’m sorry to say this, but they only needed those lines. And when someone sends them a recording they like, then they just got a voice over for free. When someone claims they will pay you that much money on Fiverr for something that small, but you have to provide a custom audition, they are scamming you. If you send them a custom audition, at least mix up a word or two so that they can’t use the recording without hiring you and having you redo it.

If you haven’t already, please read my post about why most voice over artist on fiverr don’t do free custom auditions. I hate to see anyone taken advantage of. Thanks, and have an awesome day, Grace.


i completely agree with you … Lot of Scamsters out there !!!


Sad there are so many scammers out there. I do not offer free demos. I have had several people ask me to read copy. They say they are auditioning people for the job. I never buy into it. My advice is never offer any free demos to clients. If I do an audition, I will read up to my quota of 100 words and charge them for it. Some accept and some do not. Do not get scammed!


This can for all sellers here and elsewhere.


Exactly! We don’t offer free demos either. Way too many scammers on this site. We have had people pay per word for the audition, but the ones that won’t, we just don’t bother with em.


My EXACT reply: (names changed to protect the scammers)


Thanks for the opportunity but I don’t audition as I stay pretty busy with all of the other things I have going on in my life. I’d be happy to read a few lines but you’re going to need to spend $10 and buy my phone consultation gig. Once we’re on the phone I’ll be happy to give you a read. If you decide I’m the man for you then we can move forward.

Just go here and purchase this gig [this is where I insert the url to my phone consultation gig] and we’ll talk




Yeah, if you have a video with your voice and a pre-prepared sample, that should be all they need to hear to decide on you or not. Nothing is free, so buyer’s shouldn’t expect anyone to serve them with nothing in return.


Thanks for the heads up!

I have sent out some demos (not ever the whole script) in my time here but only to people who have messaged me first, and none that I am aware of have used without my consent.

That post you referenced is an obvious scam. I also don’t frequent the buyer requests much, seems like there’s a lot of competition and the requests all have 10, 15, 20 or more offers everytime I see anything remotely worthwhile.