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Beware - when you do get zip/rar file of buyer requirement


Hello friends,

recently i got a buyer message. he had mentioned - he wanted to buy my gig and he had sent a rar / zip file of his requirement.

when i did open that attachment - i got socked - that compressed file was exe and doc file - which is too dangerous virus like “ranshamware”

i’m quite aware about that. so i stop that before hack my pc and fiverr account.

SO please beware and careful about opening zip file of buyer message. it can be virus and hack your account.


Thank you for the information :slight_smile:


Good point. You can also take these steps as a precaution-

  • Check that your firewall and antivirus are updated.
  • Look at the file extension- if unfamiliar, research it.
  • Scan the fie before you open it.
  • Check the users feedback.


@saywat10 great :+1: tips.


Look at the file extension- if unfamiliar, research it. <—This is my principal piece of advice


Thanks For Updating us…


There isn’t any option to see buyer’s reviews as far as I know.


He should text you the requirements by Fiverr, but not to ZIP or RAR!


Still shocks me how malicious people can be in trying to pass along pc viruses and other malware.