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BEWARE with Web Programming called FRAGGLESROCK

first of all, apologies for such posting something negative here, but I need to warn all of you to be very careful when you come across a customised web programmer/developer called FRAGGLESROCK

In the beginning they sounded very professional (prompt response time). I got lured with their positive review on FIVERR (which now a bit questionable whether those reviews are legit, I Suspected it all faked) and made me pay a custom order outside FIVERR (strong advise : never do that). However, up until today (which almost a month from the transaction date) they haven’t deliver a single order to me.

The best part - I have been sending multiple emails and requesting a refund, but they dont even bother to response to any of my email. Now the money I spent on the purchase is completely lost.

So beware of this company, strongly suggest not to go ahead with them!

Fragglesrock strikes again!

In all seriousness though, if they asked you to conduct the transaction outside Fiverr that’s against the TOS and you can and should report it.

Just FYI, you definitely should report it but also let Customer Support know that you are now aware it is against the rules and that you won’t do it again. There are so many good and honest sellers, you don’t want to lose access to buy from the good ones.

Why would you pay them outside of fiverr?

It protects you to pay through fiverr. They want you to pay outside of fiverr so they can steal your money.