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I liked a popular post on Fiverr’s facebook page, then recieved a friend request from a ‘Sam’ from Sri Lanka.

I will not post any more detail.

Basically he mailed and asked for my Fiverr username, then asked If we could work together using paypal cutting out Fiverr.

So I blocked him.

Basically I just wanted to warn people, and also make sure your Facebook does not show your email address…


I doubt It, he also said It was for his 30 gigs…

More so I think my email address was more of a priority.


Unblock him and tell him to order on fiverr! maybe he never saw TOS :slight_smile:


Reply to @brack3n: Send him gig url, i am telling this because same happen to me few times. I send gig link and they ordered :slight_smile:


I think its better to not use your Fiverr or Paypal email address for nothing else but those sites. So I would say refrain from using a facebook page that’s linked to anyone of those email addresses. There’s a lot of bad people out here. You gotta be careful. You did the right thing by blocking them. Kudos to you! :slight_smile:


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: No one can hack knowing your gig link… If i block every one who ask for my gig link, i will never become lvl 2


Thank you

To clarify, he asked If I had a fiverr account so I gave him my url, and I asked If he was the seller whom bought a vehicle (the post on Fiverr’s facebook page), He said he was, and asked me If I would to do some work for him, In which he would pay me directly via paypal. I blocked, screen dumped the conversation, and contacted customer support ataching the screen dump. I posted here due to thinking this guy would probably have been trying this with other sellers which I believe would lead to account hacks, and I knew Fiverr would take 48hrs to see my ticket :slight_smile:


I think the same guy contacted me. Claimed that he will send me $300 for a project. The funny things is, he didn’t message me, but placed an order and attached *.txt file with his facebook details. Reported him, sent a screen shot and it’s all sorted now.