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“Beyond” summit and our Fiverr panel

Hey everyone!

Just a quick heads up:

There’s a global virtual summit called “Beyond” organized by Payoneer.

Lots of interesting panels and plenty of stuff to watch out for if you are looking to grow your business and learn something new.

On Wednesday the 14th, at 2pm EEST a 60 minute breakout session called “ Becoming a Successful Freelancer: Tips and Tricks from Fiverr’s PRO Sellers” will be broadcast.

Hosted by Brandon Mallo, a customer success manager with Fiverr and featuring Pro seller Maddie Cohen and me. :slight_smile:

There are a lot of great tips in our discussion and I think anyone who wonders “what is happening to the global marketplace?” will find some insights. :slight_smile:

I wasn’t able to figure out how to link to Fiverr’s panel directly so here’s the link to browse the entire agenda:

Just pick the 14th and filter events for “freelancers” or use the search box to look for “fiverr”.

Register, set a reminder on your calendar and you are all set!

Hopefully, I’ll see you there! :slight_smile:


That looks very interesting, Frank - thanks for sharing.

It’s a shame they make a phone number required tho - why on earth can’t they use email like people.


Thanks for sharing. :+1: