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Biased behaviour

Fiverr has been implementing new charges and they are not providing enough security to their sellers money. I think no security at all.

1- Buyers come to us, get their job done and opens dispute to cancel order.
2- Sometime they threatens us for negative rating.
3- They ask for extra work which is not included in gig and when you decline they contact CS. and CS without even looking into matter just cancels the order.

All these things just destroys the seller profile.

I want to know whats new improvements are being done for sellers, so sellers feel safe working here.

Thanks !!


That’s because of the motto…“the client is always right”… really sucks. You can only hope you won’t stumble upon one of these clients.

Well thats really bad. Because of the these issue two of my friends leaves this platform. Fiverr should give some preference to its buyers.

I m not saying fiverr is a bad platform to work but these are big concerns for sellers. Not just me.

New Rules??? I had no idea these were new. When were they implemented.

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They’re not new rules as such - I think the OP is just summarising how they feel about how buyers could abuse the system if they wanted to. :sunny:

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I agree with you! I also think he may not know those rules before and that’s why he thinks they’re new.


By new rules i mean charges on buyers account ($2 charges) as i also sometime buy from fiverr. They are even charging now on fiverr balance.

The points i mentioned in my main post are my concerns as how fiverr shows biased behavior.

I got you, but I think that’s the only new rule.

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Could you perhaps change your post title please, so readers don’t think there are new rules that they’ve missed out on?