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Biased fiverr why?

My friend and i we both are graphic designers and we both start working together in fiverr but i get 1-2 buyers request but he get more than 100 buyers request and i don’t know the be reason and today i get no buyers request.

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There can be a number of different reasons

  • Your friend’s style is more appealing or he has better gig description
  • Your friend might provide better service so he gets more repeat customers
  • Your friend might be more active in buyer requests or write better proposals

I’m not saying that these are the reasons because I haven’t seen your friend’s gigs, but just because you’re a designer and both of you started together doesn’t guarantee you the same amount sales.
Analyze your target audience, optimize your gigs and be active in buyer requests page.


I am sorry to say that but i am online 24/7 but he check hih account only two times a day also he used his photo and i use some graphics and i use all details in my gig but he only write that what he do through gig.

You can start by learning how to use dot and comma.


As he is your friend maybe he will give you some tips.

Don’t worry about what your friend is doing. Focus on your gig and try to find ways to improve it.
Being online 24/7 doesn’t guarantee you sales either. When I’m hiring a freelancer I don’t care if they are online or offline. Their service and its quality is what matters.

For starters your Malkovick business card is not designed by you. Secondly some of your gig description is taken from another seller. Parts that you have written yourself have grammar mistakes. Last but not least, you started in August, it’s been 7 days and you’re ready to give up? It might take weeks if not months before you get the ball rolling.

Put some real effort into your gig and you’ll eventually get some orders. If you’re not ready for hard work then Fiverr might not be for you.


Sorry for that. I am angry at that time.

Thanks for your suggestion. I know that is not designed by me but i can design like that 1 image is created by myself and i have taken some part but only their presentation not services i have give only those services which i can fulfill.

I know that is not designed by me but i can design like that

I feel like that’s analogous to me saying: "Hey, I could have written this Jane Austen novel, and our styles are similar, so here’s her novel as an example of what I can do!"
Only your work actually represents you. If you already have a sample up there that you did on your own, why not just add another?


Thank you. I am doing it right now :slight_smile:

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I noticed you’re also using design from Freepik (Karoline Smith card). You can’t call it “unique design” in your gig description if you’re taking elements from other sites. It took me 10 seconds to find this out. Do you think buyers don’t do their homework?
It doesn’t matter if you can create something similar or not. If it’s not yours and buyer knows it then they won’t hire you.

I’m not saying you can’t use design elements from other sites if you have the license, but you can’t call it unique anymore. That would be misleading for buyers as they would think that their design is unique.

As @somaginer1996 said, use the free time you have to create your own design, update your portfolio and try again. If you still don’t get any orders in a couple of weeks with your own design, then you need to do another round and check what else you can do. Right now you should have enough tasks to do :wink:


Yes now i have enough task to do. Thanks

I am expert in drawing shape, creating unique design so i am thinking of creating a gig of hand draw business cards is there any chances of succeding it.

You won’t find out if you don’t try it :wink:

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So what you’re saying is… I shouldn’t have sent those clients Stevie Wonder songs?


Thanks i will try it.

I mean, they’re hypothetical talent. You could do them, it’s just that you haven’t :stuck_out_tongue:

Says you. Due to this very post I am in the process of creating the worlds first 'I will rip off a song and argue about it’s originality" fiverr gig.


Awesome! And, in honor of you, I’ll copy it, and pretend that I made it myself. :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s it. I’m requesting a modification.