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Big big problem

Its been 17 days after my account got automaticilly flagged without reason, im still waiting for checking it, please help.


A great big problem would be bears eating your porridge. Please keep Subject Headings more related to the actual issue. Being so emotive is more like clickbait and if you speak to Fiverr this way, will make them less able (or willing) to help you.

Now, in almost every case where people come in here saying no reason was given, when the OP finally posts the email they got relating that their Gig/Account got warned or banned, there was some info on why this action was taken (there is probably a law that covers this somewhere).

In every case I have seen here, this turned out to be a breach (or many breaches) of the TOS.

Understand that here in the form we are not Fiverr, but sellers. We can give well-meaning advice based on what you tell us and our experience.

Perhaps you can start by sharing what the email or other notice from Fiverr said when they alerted you of this action?



I got insta-blocked after creating new gig, everything is fine with it. Its been 17 days that is joke.

I’m with @benedictrm on this.

The first thing I thought reading the OP was, okay, there’s a detail missing here.

Fiverr doesn’t block, suspend, warn or otherwise issue notices at random.

They have a set of rules and any violation gets noticed.

I’m wondering what you did that you haven’t told us.


I literally crete a gig that is simillar to others and any rule is not break so this situation is funny to me. I completed 12 orders in total with no problems.

Again, while I note emotive responses, the actual facts of what the Gig was about and what Fiverr said to you when they canned it are missing. How and why is it that you can or will not share that?

As gets said in just about everyone of these threads, just because you see a gig or you get orders, does not mean that it is legal or acceptable.



I’m also with @benedictrm. Can you mind to tell us what happened in actual.

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As i said i got automatically banned after creating (gig) it and i got no reason for that. Everything is legal im not a bacteria or smth

And support is like omg our dedicated team cheking your account YES i see this for 17 days im upset.


I am sorry, but if b) you can’t give any factual info and b) you descend into non-language, I will let this go.

I cannot wish you the best because I get the feeling that you are not about The Best for anyone but what you want regardless of what damage you may do.



That doesn’t mean the service you tried to sell was allowed. There are others with gigs breaking the rules who just haven’t been caught yet.

Now, if you decide to tell what your gig was, exactly, perhaps someone will be able to explain what rule it broke.

That’s the only kind of help you could get here, anyway, since none of us are Customer Support, and none of us get to decide what happens to your account.

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