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Big brain idea (new to Fiverr)

Hey, everyone! I’m new to Fiverr, and I just created my first Gig today.

I’ve been working with art for the past ten years or so, and I decided I wanted to start selling my services on Fiverr. However, I found out that it’s really quite hard to get those first few orders and reviews.

Here comes my big brain plan:
Make everything the lowest price possible. I decided to put my services, which I would normally estimate to be around to $50-80 range, on sale at just $5 for the next few weeks just to gain some exposure.

Check it out here:

Do you guys have any thoughts? This could turn out to be a bad decision, as well, since I’ll likely be working around a few hours on each gig. That’ll roughly equate to me making around $1/hour.


I’ve gotta hand it to you, that is a really big brain idea. But we all start somewhere. I’m sure you’ll blow up soon enough mate.


Yeah it is sure that when you decrease your gig price it will be sell fast and ranked also. But when you want to edit your gig price then you will be lose your ranked gig
So you can start a good basic price so it’s it will be standard and when it’s ranked you earned well whatever it’s takes time.

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I would advise limiting the number of orders in queue for the period of your sale. What if a reseller stumbles upon your offer and places dozens or even hundreds of offers for future use?
That would mean that you’re either stuck working for $1/hour for weeks/months or you’re facing a lot of cancellations, potentially ruining your profile.

Anyways, good luck. I hope you can get some great first reviews out of it.


That’s true! I’ll do that right away, thanks for the great advice :smiley: