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Big Changes Are Coming to Book Covers & Packaging


We’re excited to announce that we’ve split up Book Covers & Packaging into two subcategories: Book & Album Covers and Packaging Design, with new metadata and pricing factors for you to use!

Now that packaging design Gigs will no longer be lumped together with book covers, sellers have even more opportunity to catch buyers’ attention, and our buyers, in turn, will have a better, more relevant browsing experience. We’re giving you a chance to move your Packaging Gig yourself before it is automatically moved on Tuesday, 3/20. If you have a gig in Book Covers & Packaging, here’s what you need to do:

Move your package design Gig to the new Packaging Design subcategory ASAP, but at least before 3/20 (If you don’t, other sellers will get the leg up on establishing themselves in these new service subcategories.)

Update your Gigs in both Book & Album Covers and Packaging Design ASAP to ensure the most relevant and accurate metadata and pricing factors are selected.

Here are the new metadata and pricing factors for Packaging Design:

  • Metadata
  • Package Type now enables you to specify what kind of package you’re designing:
  • Box
  • Label
  • Bottle
  • Tube
  • Bag/Pouch
  • Can

Pricing Factors
Full Wrap replaces Back & Side to better represent the 360-degree view of a package design
Dielines will enable you to add the template design with cut and fold marks to your packages
Additional Design Concepts gives you the ability to charge for more concepts

Here are the new pricing factors for Book & Album Covers:

Back & Spine will now be called Back & Side to better reflect the components of book and album covers
Interior Pages will allow you to price the interior design of a book or magazine

We also added 2 new Gig extras: Additional Cover Concepts and Additional Pages


We’re really excited about these changes and hope that, with your feedback, we can update pricing structures across more categories based on the category need. Please note: we will stop supporting package design Gigs in the old subcategory on Tuesday, 3/20, so make sure to update your Gig ASAP!

The Fiverr Team


Thank you, it’s really helpful Especially for the Buyers to Browse Exactly what they Need.


Not in that area, but sounds super helpful for eveyone.


not is real but sound is better


its really helpful for buyer to get there exact service without any confusion


it is Better now they are no more together that will save buyers time ,


nice :slight_smile: :+1:




Thank you for your confirmation :ok_hand:


Super update in this category. :ok_hand:


How to update Book covers and packaging design with new feature ?


how do i update my gig


how do i update my gig?


I Love & Like Packing Design. Wow This is Great News.


Thank you so much! It would be a great opportunity for me to work. :grinning:


Before 2 Years i have suggested this to fiver by contacting customer support … Now i can see the changes… This is a Great Change.


Good work…really happy about it…


Thanks Fiverr :wink: for new category option.


Thank you! That’s a good update which I always wanted! Thumbs up (y) :slight_smile:


great super it’s helpful