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Big Changes in Gig Analytics.Is it true?

Big Changes in Gig Analytics.Is it true? can anyone confirm that? and what are the major changes?


i also listened this sound but not confirmed yet… :smiley:

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Check this out:

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Thanks for share the article.

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There been theories and speculations for the past few months. I have no idea how they found and figured that out, but it seems this feature is now available for limited number of Sellers.

Personally, I don’t like the idea of having Ads, it just ruins the experience for everyone and I would never buy such things as those. It’s just a fraud and too expensive. And with their mastermind plans, I guarantee they would also charge extra for their “service fees”.

They don’t say there’s a service charge but they do say:

Sellers may be charged with indirect taxes (such as Sales Tax, VAT or GST) depending on residency, location…

in the TOS section for promoted gigs.

@arnukas The introduction of paid ads would give sellers the chance to increase their prices.

I still don’t think it would be effective that much. Increasing their prices is not always a good idea which could hurt the Gig. And even though they would rise their prices, there’s even a smaller chance that someone would click on that ad for higher price and actually purchase it. I don’t believe it.

Ads is like gambling in a casino, which most of the times you come out with nothing in your hands. It’s a risky investment and will not work to most of us.

yeah you’re right this is not a good step

@lloydsolutions Thanks For Information!

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