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Big Changes to 3D & 2D Models. Update Your Gig!


3D & 2D Models is being split into two separate categories:

  • Architecture & Floorplans
  • 3D Models & Product Design

You need to update your Gig ASAP. Changes are going live May 24th.

A review of what you need to do:

Move your Objects & Products or Characters Gig to the new 3D Models & Product Design subcategory before May 24th. If you don’t, other sellers will get the leg up on establishing themselves in these new service subcategories.

Update your Gigs to ensure the most relevant and accurate metadata and pricing attributes are selected.

If your Gig does not automatically offer Commercial Use and High Resolution in its delivery, update your Gig description to specify that these are add-on services, as these pricing attributes will be removed.

Please post any questions you have in comments.



Nice Information amazing work


Nice doodle you did there Matt.
Your talents are wasted…


Not currently in the 3D design category but planning on getting in there so this may be the chance.


Funny story. I did go to school for exactly this. 3D modeling, animation, and composite (green/blue screen) effects.


What program is that in? I do parametric CAD (Onshape, moving to Solidworks.)


wow! thanks for the update


Great!.. Thank you :+1:


At least, keep our buyers request and gig position same for the period.
I have no buyers request and my gig is nowhere to be seen.
I reported this to CS but they simply closed the topic.


Amazing work and lots of info


Thank you for the update​:+1::+1::+1::+1:


Nice work keep it up


Thank for the News…:grinning::grinning::grinning:


How about for 3D Mockup of product packaging ? Can i use this “3D & 2D Models” category for 3D Mockup of product packages


That’ll stay in packaging design?


great work keep it up


Nice Information amazing work! Thank you for the update:heart_eyes:


i am new comer with whiteboard animation, so any one explain me bit?


Whiteboard animations aren’t in the 3D and 2D Models category, they’re in the videos section, so nothing to worry about. :slightly_smiling_face: