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Big Changes to Translation. Update Your Gig!


We’ve added new metadata and pricing attributes to Translation. Why? To get better, clearer metadata so our buyers having an easier time finding your Gigs, and more pricing attributes for you to price your service.

All you need to do is update your Gigs to ensure the most relevant and accurate metadata and pricing attributes are selected.

Here are the specific changes that are happening:


  • Translate From & Translate To: added Ukrainian language as an option
  • Industry Expertise (new)
    ** Government
    ** Marketing & Media
    ** Legal
    ** Business and Finance
    ** Technology
    ** Medical & Life Sciences
    ** Entertainment & Culture
  • Document Type (new)
    ** General/Conversational
    ** Product descriptions
    ** Localization
    ** Marketing/Sales content
    ** Financial reports
    ** Books/Literature
    ** Government documents
    ** Contractual/Legal
    ** User Manuals
    ** Pharma/Scientific tests
    ** Scripts

Pricing Attributes

  • Revisions
  • Word Count
  • Proofreading
  • Document Formatting (new)
  • Language Style Guide (new)
  • Transcription (new)
  • Subtitling (new)

If you have any thoughts or questions about these changes, let us know in the comments below.


I’m looking forward to editing my gig very much in the hope to see that the delivery time will increase with the gig multiples buyers choose finally or we can limit the multiples people can order, at least. :slight_smile: Going to have a look right away.

Hm, it doesn’t seem I can pick more than one of the Document Types, does that mean we should create a different translation gig for each of the document types we offer?
I’ve been keeping the number of gigs low so I won’t have a problem in case I’ll have a lower level and can offer something in a different category too.
If we have to do separate gigs for the document types now, that is going to eat up gig slots quickly.

Is “General/Conversational” supposed to be a catch-all and on top of that one we can have a gig for each of the other types we do provide? Or would other gigs count as gig multiples if we have a “General/Conversational” one?

I’m most probably not the only one who had a main translation gig and did orders like literature, product descriptions, … all on that gig, so we need to choose that “General” category now for such a gig and start new gigs with zero reviews for those other types, or can one still do everything under the new “General/Conversational” label?
I’m a bit confused about the “Conversational” bit, not sure if it won’t confuse buyers as well. IMO, just “General” would be better.



The “Additional Words” Extra would be more useful if one could not just choose number of words and additional $ but also additional days.
I haven’t ever used it because I can’t add additional days.

Length-dependent, for many people, doesn’t just mean more $, but also more time needed, the way the gig multiples and extras are structured currently, do a disfavor to the translators who do manual translation and work alone/don’t outsource.

Those who do pure machine translation, typically don’t care about time as it takes them the same time to “translate” 100, 1000 or 10,000 words, so they are favored in terms of delivery time, Extras, how many words to offer, because it doesn’t matter to them either if buyers (ab)use the Gig Multiples function and they can’t ever get overbooked really and can just accept all and any order coming their way.

But translators who work manually, especially those who work alone, have to be unnecessarily careful and reluctant in their offerings because of the way the translation category gig packages, extras, etc. are structured.


Great Update @mjensen415 . Thanks a lot :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @miiila! Thanks for your great questions and feedback! We’ll definitely take your feedback into account as we continue to refine the filtering options.

The Document Types are specific and only enable you to pick one so that someone who needs very specific help with a document can search for help in just that particular area.

“General/Conversational” is a good choice for someone who wants to offer something more general, rather than a very specific document type. You can choose to have a catch-all gig with General Conversational if you’d prefer, or create more specific gigs for any additional expertise you may have.

We hope this helps!


Yes, thank you!

Sorry, Matt @mjensen415 , but after reading the other comments, I think some people are still not sure about this:

Is this an exclusive “or”, meaning you can either have a catch-all gig with General or more specific gigs, but not a General gig and more specific gigs
is it a “and/or”, meaning you can have both, a General and more specific gigs?

I’m guessing - and hoping because else if I’d like to have some specific gigs, and I do, I’d have to retire my main gig with nearly all of my reviews - that it’s the and/or :slight_smile: but for everyone who’s still confused, it might be helpful to get a clear yes to that.


This is an interesting development that I presume is aimed at appealing to “niche” translation types which are generally a bit more expensive.
Quite a massive change in a way and probably about time that there was a bit of a shake up, let’s hope it translates into more sales.

Had been looking at how to include an extra for formatting because I currently do it regardless but it can be a real PITA (pardon my French) for the amount of added time it takes.


hmmm nicely updated…


There are a few things that could be improved with the extras - for some extras, you get to choose to set price+additional days separately for the 3 gig tiers, but for others not. Depending on how people structure their packages, that would be needed for the other extras as well, else you might not be able to offer those extras.

As an example, the “Proofreading” or “Formatting” extra might be more expensive and take longer for the premium package than for the basic package but you can set only one price for basic, standard, premium.


Very good question.

I also ask myself the same question, why all these different limitations?


Great Update ! Still updating my gigs


I think that pita bread is Greek.

Thanks for the update, Matt!


Great update, although I think it may punish general translation gigs since you cannot tick several of the categories for Industry Expertise and Document Type and so the more niche gigs that do choose one category will be in the spotlight first.


Great decision…


Helpful updates, looking forward to having more great updates time to time.



HI! tHANKS FOR UPDATE! Could we have the possibility to indicate multiple document types we can handle and multiple industries we are expert in?


I think every update is great. After all , the world is changing and everybody is changing. Let us make efforts together to make fiverr better


Does this mean I now need to add an extra gig for each category? We translate in each of the business categories and most of the document types, so to get every combination we will need about 40 gigs?

Would it not be easier to have more than one option available in each category?

Regards, Bob


Thank you. I am starting in this world …


I don’t think the new industry expertise and document type will work very well, you know in fact, as a freelance translator, we have to accept content in all kinds of subject, all industries, all ducument types, no matter we are good at them or not, like them or not, happy or unhappy. What I expect most is to update the rating system. Why not imitate, one of the biggest shopping site in the world. If a buyer forget to leave a review, a mutual good review will be given by the system after a month. I think that will reflect the real feedback situation of a seller or a buyer. If you look at my profile, there are only more than 2000 positive reviews, but in fact, it only accounts for 63% of the total transcaction.
Just a suggestion, look forward to attracting your attention.


Thank you for this important update