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Big Changes to Translation. Update Your Gig!


Great update, but I don’t think everything is good about it.

Firstly, why should there be just one Industry Expertise per gig? Should I create more translation gigs, one for each Expertise? Same thing about the document type, I can translate many document types, why not let us select more than one?

Another thing that bothers me is about the subtitles. It’s good that you included them in the update, but I don’t really like the way they were implemented.
I have one gig for text translation and another one for video subtitles. So why are the Subtitles option included as an extra? If I will subtitle every video people send to me, it doesn’t make sense for the subtitle to be an extra. Or should I have just one translation gig, for both text and video? It’s confusing, and in my opinion, Subtitles should be a whole category, allowing for more specific extras (subtitle burning, per example, or even subtitle styling).

Sorry if I sound too harsh, but these gigs make most of my income, so it really is worrisome.
Regards, Guilherme.


Thank you so much !!


Great Update Thank you


Thanks for your update…


Thanks for such a great update


Could someone explain to me what exactly the SEO title is supposed to be? Is that like a 2nd gig title?


Thank you for such improved information. Its realy great


Thank you for the INFO


Thank you for this update


Great news…
Thank you


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Yes its great update


No idea, I never really look at my views.


I am not offering translation services but your new updates will defiantly help to buyer to find out best fits without confusion. Keep it up.


@mjensen415 Please add the Malayalam language as an option. I’ve requested a lot for this. There are many sellers out there!


Thanks @miiila for your wise question. It was running in my head also.


thankyou …,


I just notice this… great update!
Thank you Fiverr!!