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BIG drop in Rating Overnight!


I am hoping this is a glitch but I went from a perfect 100% rating last night to a 95% rating this morning. What?! I did receive a new feedback comment, but it was all five stars, so that can’t be the culprit. What gives? Anyone else experiencing the same thing? I suspect I may be another casualty of the new ARS(e) system.

If you take a look at my main page (, you’ll see that all of my gigs have five stars and I haven’t deleted any gigs.

Thanks in advance for your insight!


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CS fixed the problem almost immediately. Despite the implementation of ARS(e). I’m really impressed with customer service these days! (Thanks, Julia!)

Reply to @traxie2001: Are you, really? I have had about 3 bugs on my account for over a month now and every time I inquire now they just ignore me. I guess that means they’re still working on it? Puzzling to me. Did you ask on their social pages or something?

Reply to @traxie2001: Julia has been very great, especially with this new ARSe. Bravo to her!