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Big Drop in the searches in a day!

Hello there,

I was wandering, why my gig suddenly dropped that big in search results?
For instance in searching “2D animation”, I was on page 5 at Oct 9th and 2 days later I was at page 20!!!

How these search engine algorithm works?
I already have some orders right, but dropping to page 20 will be meaning “No Orders” for 2 or even 3 months on that gig at least.

PS: My rates are all great! 5 out of 5 stars. Deliver on time. and everything is 100% on my profile.

I asked a few time extending request which is normal in my field of work and my customers happily accepted them.

I waited a few days and a week, But not any improvement.

I would like to know your ideas.

Much obliged :pray:


It’s normal gig rotation. Fiverr doesn’t guarantee you permanent spot in Search and constantly rotating gigs giving chance to everyone. That also means that you gig can be moved to last pages with perfect stats.

It´s called rotation and it´s not new at all.

Fiverr only knows, some of Pro Seller´s may have a clue as well.

Or not.