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Big gig problem please help me

Hey guys so I just joined fiverr in 1st July and I got my first order very soon and since then business was booming I was getting order after order and in only 20 Days I completed 16 Succesfull orders with 5 star review + TIPS
My gig was on the first page and everyday I was making a lot of clicks impressions and I was getting 1 or 2 orders / day allmost everyday . Now since 24 July my statistics went completely down and from 600-800 impressions / day I went to 100 . I searched my gig word by word and its not on the first page anymore and I cant even find it I was browsing 10-15 pages in my niche … I checked on seller help center my gig status and its saying ACTIVE - and that its displayed in the search results!
Now its been 2 days and I didnt recieved any message or order so Im kind of getting desperate because something happend and I cant understand what and why
Does anyone experienced something similar recently ?
Or is there any veteran here that might know whats going on ?


As far as I can see, you have received a 3.7 star rating last week which can negatively impact your gig ranking. Factors like reviews and rates (response rate, completed delivery rate, etc.) all play a role in how well your gig is performing. I can’t tell if this is the reason why this is happening, but if it is, then delivering a few more good orders should get you back on track.

since i recieved that 3.7 rating i completed + 6 5 star orders and was all going great my overall statistics in DASHBOARD are perfect Order completion 100% Response rate 100% Deliver on time 100%
Im even eligible for LVL 1 Seller in 40 days I have no warnings and no canceled orders

I literally copy paste my gig title word by word and I cant find i was browsing the pages untill I there where only sellers with 0 orders

Could you do me a favor and check your settings when clicking on your profile picture and see what it says under “Online status”? There are options to choose from.


Seem like your gig had drop to no-where-can-be-found page.
Fiverr gig placement, will change sometimes, sometimes appears first day, next day 3-4 pages

That’s what I’m talking about :smiley: I’m not sure why it does that, but sometimes it automatically sets your profile to invisible so your gigs can’t be found in the online search.


is this affecting the ranking when back online ?

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Well, your gigs should be back online and visible then, not sure where they will rank but they will rank somewhere at least!
This feature is kind of there to pause your gigs, if you get too many orders you can go offline for an hour and then your gigs should disappear and reappear from the search in that timeframe, but oftentimes it’s set to “be always offline” by default which means buyer’s don’t even get to see your gigs when searching keywords.

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I click on go online and it said saved setting and now its showing like this with option 1 hour 2 days weeks etc
Is this how it normally should look like ?

Yes! That’s correct now.


Thank you so much @janali you are such a nice person :relaxed:

You’re welcome! :slight_smile: I would give it a day or two though, I don’t really know if your gigs will instantly be visible again or whether the algorithm needs some time to decide where to rank your gigs.


Sure thank you I will be patinent

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Please wait , hope it’s will automatically solved… because algorithm are changing every time.

The same thing happened with my best selling on the same day. After 24th July, my gig impressions drastically went down. Still, there is no improvement.

Sir , i started in Fiverr 14 July , i got my 1st order in 1st Aug, after that , my impression & click going down & i don’t find i in the search result , please tell me how to get more orders ?

@janali How to fix it ?

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Not sure who you mean with “sir” but did you try what I suggested to dareios_art and check your profile settings?

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