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Big marketing projects on a small budget [ARCHIVED]

The services available on Fiverr are so vast that you can find everything from online Marketing professionals to video actors, voice over artists, graphic designers and much more.

You’ll find all the resources you need to launch a full scale marketing campaign, set up a new business and more, all on a budget.

An example: Hungry Jack’s (aka Burger King in Australia) turned to the incredibly creative talents on Fiverr to create a TV commercial for a marketing campaign they launched.

And: Indie band Penny Western hired Fiverr sellers to create this music video on a budget.

Totally agree! As a Seller, I have sold so many gigs that I now have repeat business and “friends” on Fiverr. I also am a Buyer on Fiverr and have used colleagues for my Fiverr and other businesses. For example, I have used oldbittygrandma on multiple occasions, along with many others. So Fiverr is not just to buy OR sell. You can do both!!

It never ceases to amaze me how creative folks can be and what new gigs pop up daily. Awesome, fun site to be a part of.

The opportunities are out there, they eyes just need to open along with the mind. Great post

There is an incredible amount of talent and creativity on Fiverr. It is neat to see what can come from some many skills.

Wow, I really loved the music video. I too enjoy watching the funny videos that pop up in new gigs daily.

@banksy Yes not a days fiverr is getting popular. And all you can get in just five dollars.