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Big orders or little orders?

So, Fiverr friends, what do you think?

Would you rather have ten $20 orders?

Or one $200 order?

I can’t decide what I would pick. Large orders take me longer to start but finish faster! What are your pros and cons?


I would go for the ten $20 orders. Because after all, they are buyers who will be willing to come back for future work. Rather than a one $200 order which is only one buyer and who knows if he will be back for future work or not.


Definitely big orders in my case, because:

  • I’ve noticed they take less time to finish, and thus I get more time for hobbies, to spend with family, outside, etc;

  • they don’t involve so many different instructions, as I easily get overwhelmed when I have too many orders;

  • I’ve only had a couple of difficult buyers on big orders, as opposed to the small orders that are usually from difficult / too picky buyers who expect the world for nothing.

But big orders don’t get you many reviews, and without the small orders you’d end up in the “low volume sales”, which isn’t desired.

P.S. most of my earnings are from big orders - if I relied only on small orders, I would end up broke. And I haven’t increased my base price because I still need more reviews.


I’d rather have both! :slight_smile: :heavy_dollar_sign:


It depends on which gig.

On my social media set-up, and my amazon photos gigs. I want larger projects, while on my gig for social media design, the same gig is a short-term job and I prefer $20-50 orders a lot more.

However, if I become a pro, then it would be no problem at all to take bigger orders, that require a lot more work. :slight_smile:


Can I get 5 $20 orders and one $100 order please?
The majority of my work is with bigger orders which is fine but I do like the quick buck option too.
Just nothing under $25 is good with me, any issues I have had have been with low ticket orders.


10x $20 < $150

lol that’s mean I’m even happy to take a large $150 (from 1 client) ) order rather then 10x $20 (diferent clients) orders.


I should be okay with the $20 orders.

I am that kind of person who does not like spending much time working on one project…I love offloading them as soon as they come.



Dang, I was just about to place whole bunch of small orders!

Well, back to my :hole: to think about it!


Both, I am unemployed, so I have full of time to do that’s :rofl:


I rather larger projects or ongoing for example.

While I do enjoy short projects since most of them are more likely to accept new ideas or suggestions, it is exhausting jumping around from one idea to another, new people every hour, same questions, new questions. I love challenges… And I also enjoy when I´m able to dedicate more time to a single project, there´s a lot of difference in the results. I´ve noticed my head also thanks me for this.


I prefer small orders over big orders. :smiley:

I’m the type of person who’ll have a relaxed mind if I’m done with an order. If I go for a big order, I’ll have time for my family, hobbies, and learning more things that I want to learn…but my mind will always be like, “I gotta finish this order before the deadline or else blah blah blah.” :laughing:


This is so right. I have 3 big/regular projects off-Fiverr at the moment and I’m finding it increasingly difficult to switch from ‘let’s get this business I work with almost every day ready for Christmas’ and suddenly switching to ‘let’s write a great but quick article about counter-surveillance systems.’

The only thing I will add is that it is important to still respect small orders. I used to be technically a chef in all but title but I have terrified myself recently by realizing that I feel like a complete novice in the kitchen unless I’m cooking for myself and + 1 at most.

I’ve already surrendered my creative writing for more profitable on-demand copywriting. I can’t also risk surrendering my ability to switch between hugely different brief requirements. In this case, I love small orders for keeping me on my toes.


I prefer small orders than larger ones where I have to offer discounts :wink:


Dang, good question!!

I think for me it REALLY depends on the contents.
If I can enjoy them, both are equally fine!!


I would prefer to have steady income, even if it will be just $20 in the beginning since the real value here is the relationship with the customers. The more you have customers, the more there is a chance they will return & purchase your services & for a higher price.


It depends on the service. Some service isn’t supposed to be sold twice to a client.

You took the words out of my mouth

I hope I will get some pat on the back for not starting a new topic if my question is already available in another topic but not answered.

My situation is like this.

I have a potential buyer who may or may not be a scammer, now, I did my best to backtrace him online by checking all his previous purchases and then finding out his reviews to sellers he bought from. So far he appears to be a normal human being.

Now he approached me with interesting requests where he needs over 100 photos vectorized. Now, this is easy for me to do, but my problem is, what if I take this job as one big GIG and let’s say after 20 days he comes back with “Listen, my neighbor just started to do vectorization and he is going to do my work for free for practice”. And one clean sweep I lost money and time.

Yes, CS can invent hot water and all, but still.

I would prefer it if we make deal on me doing 5-10-15 images per day and that is one order. And we do this until he doesn’t need me anymore.

Now, Fiverr could easily translate this as me trying to get more reviews. But I am not. I am just thinking practical. I worked today, you pay me today.

So, if I have 1 order a day for 30-50 days from the same client, will Fiverr think of that as a breach of some rules or something?

It would be a real opportunity if this request is real.

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I would just do it all in one. Maybe set up milestones, but… well. They’re not greeaaat.