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Big Problem For Me 😢

I got a message ->

(Good news) : I’m interested in your services! :slightly_smiling_face:

(Bad news) : I don’t think you’re credible, you have no reviews, and you’re a new arrival to Fiverr, so I have increased chances of getting scammed. If you can change my mind I will consider you. It just makes me skeptical when someone comes out of nowhere saying they can help but then they have no reviews, testimonials, or anything that can prove they know what they’re talking about :slightly_smiling_face:

have you any solution? please give me an idea. how can I grow on Fiverr?

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You don’t want this kind of buyer. They come to the table expecting to have a bad experience. Then they usually have one. Let them go with a simple "I’m afraid I can’t help, sorry." and wait for some healthier sounding fish to swim by.


okay, thank you for your suggestion.

For your gigs you could show a bit more in some of them to help show any buyers what they will get, eg. images and/or you could also add a gig video if that what help show them. Maybe check the gig text and text in images are the best they can be


everything is okay but problem is that i have no ratings on my profile. so peoples comes on my Gig, but they do not place order.

But everyone started on Fiverr with no ratings. So until you have ratings you need to convince the potential buyers in other ways, eg. through enough images on each gigs, maybe a gig video if it will help and maybe how you word offers in the buyer requests or reply to messages.Or maybe have gig/packages at slightly lower prices than you will normally just to help start getting orders and reviews.

eg. on the gig “I will provide you personal branding, a unique logo and website” - you could show an image with the types of logo they could get (like on your other gig), maybe the type of website or types of branding.

Also in your " I will make everything to bring business online" gig you say “Marketing - six-month marketing with the infographic designs”. It’s not clear there if you’re providing them with enough so they can do their marketing for 6 months or if you’re providing a service (of creating designs) over 6 months. Be careful of the “services of 30 days” limit in the terms of service.


first time on Fiverr, I have got the best suggestion from you. Your answer will be very helpful for me. Thank you very much sir.