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Big Problem in fiverr

this is my problem i can’t read any message :frowning:

any solutions ??

Perhaps you´ve sent your email or skype to too many people, have you been warned?

That’s an alert indicating that the user has been marked as “spam”. Aka, not an official message. Now sometimes spam filters pop up on honest buyers by using the wrong set of words that might look like they’re trying to get around the TOS of Fiverr, but in reality might be really inquiring into a service. In general though, the restriction isn’t on you but rather the buyer for your protection. The best thing to do is wait a week or two, and see if it lets you read messages then. This may give Fiverr CS some time to work out whether or not the alert was false for the particular message. So you can read messages, but it just so happens that these messages were all marked as spam(they may have over-inquired to many numerous buyers which can also trigger such an alert.)