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Big problem in search pages


There’s a big problem in search pages. It has gigs with large price ranges. Also there are many gigs with negative feedback. Also their prices are very high. When I change my price list gig came up. But it’s not a good method. Your forums says there’s a test. When do you finish this and settle the site?? This is very unfair. I think you’ll give your attention for this and fix it as soon as possible. We hope your kind attention for this.


I bet they will have it fixed as soon as they can. It is indeed more difficult to find a specific service, but all that we can do for now is wait and drink a big cup of patience tea :+1:


hmm thanks for that info, noticed that too


It’s because of all experiment … no one knows, what they are trying to achieve to that all experiment because they are making all previous good feature to worse and worse by everyday experiment.

i salute to all who those supporting and defending :slight_smile: