Big problem


My some buyers cancel there orders.Is this effect my rating and level… please help me…


Hi hemanthalaksir…if you have many cancellations against your orders, regardless of it being a mutual cancellation, admin cancellation or forced cancellation, it will go against your levels. A mutual cancellation will not affect your ratings though. If however, you continue to make sales and deliver on time, your level may not be affected. It’s all about the ratio between completed sales and cancellations. Hope this helps in some small way.


@genivive Hi dear.. I do not cancel order. but some customers cancel order... its effect our rate or level?


Reply to @genivive: mutual cancellations affect levels just like the others!! Sad, but true…


Reply to @hemanthalaksir: too many cancelled orders can lead you to losing your levels, unfortunately…


@mark74 Hi dear… I do not cancel order. but some customers cancel order… its effect our rate or level?


Reply to @mark74: I know that mark74 and I said that. ALL cancellations affect levels. I said mutual cancellations do not affect RATINGS.


Reply to @hemanthalaksir: If the percentage of your cancellations is low, compared to the amount of your orders completed, you should be fine. I can only go by personal experience, though. When I have a customer who wishes to cancel, I try to work something out with them. I’ve had, at least, half decide they would go with my suggestion. Unless the customer is really adamant about cancelling, it’s a good idea to do what you’re able (within reason) to retain them.


Reply to @hemanthalaksir: sadly yes


Thanks to all,


That seems kind of silly, sort of like the rankings for being “collected” that everyone is asking for and not earning. So if you want to hurt someone you just need go purchase and then cancel again and again?


Most cancellations affect your ratings in one way or the other. It is always better to use cancellations as the last resort. Hope this helps?


Reply to @kendur: yes, that’s a way. Naturally a seller can contact Customer Support explaining what’s going on and a very bad buyer can be banned…


Reply to @mark74: I’ve found that a lot will just lay down and die instead of fight… hmmmm… a tough crowd fer sure… no X men out there for protection eh? Sounds like a gig to me…


Reply to @kendur: as you can see surfing this forum, many sellers complain for Fiverr Buyer Protection Policy (which seems to be too strong compared with Seller Protection) but nothing has changed yet… maybe in future?!?


a long hard look at ebay is warranted, perhaps, but certainly not a solution. Perhaps a Guru DOT com format might be more to the liking and a bit more fair. But then of course that changes direction of the flow of things…