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Big project, sold to a underbidder


Lmao google translate. I hope this serves as a lesson to sellers and buyers alike to think not twice but A LOT OF TIMES before diving into proper business.


Different story in Italy. According to the statistics the average monthly salary is about an half of the average salary in the U.S., roughly $1500 vs $3000; but the purchasing power in the U.S. is about 60% higher than in Italy, while the consumer prices are almost equivalent (only 1,8% higher in the U.S.).
A $5 Gig equals to €3,5 after the Fiverr cut, and before tax.
About 1,5 Kg of bread. Collecting turnips pays more.


I also transcribe, the metrics you used to calculate what you will charge is way off.

At $800, it is way high for even the established transcription companies. Most charge approximately $1/minutes.

The translation is where you will have less competition and you would be able to charge more


Glad it worked out for you, but not sure how happy Fiverr would be to read:



If I’m not allowed to work on multiple platforms, so be it. I can’t help that clients do the same :stuck_out_tongue: