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Big project, sold to a underbidder


Lmao google translate. I hope this serves as a lesson to sellers and buyers alike to think not twice but A LOT OF TIMES before diving into proper business.


Different story in Italy. According to the statistics the average monthly salary is about an half of the average salary in the U.S., roughly $1500 vs $3000; but the purchasing power in the U.S. is about 60% higher than in Italy, while the consumer prices are almost equivalent (only 1,8% higher in the U.S.).
A $5 Gig equals to €3,5 after the Fiverr cut, and before tax.
About 1,5 Kg of bread. Collecting turnips pays more.


I also transcribe, the metrics you used to calculate what you will charge is way off.

At $800, it is way high for even the established transcription companies. Most charge approximately $1/minutes.

The translation is where you will have less competition and you would be able to charge more


Glad it worked out for you, but not sure how happy Fiverr would be to read:



If I’m not allowed to work on multiple platforms, so be it. I can’t help that clients do the same :stuck_out_tongue:


I wouldn’t call “big” a project that was sold to an underbidder. That’s not how big things work. Big clients, with big projects, value their time, and quality more than the price. :v:t3:


Years ago, I had someone ask me to use Google Translate and then rewrite what it spat out into quality English for a very small amount of money. (I didn’t do it.) I suppose it’s a semi-viable way to get something that is similar to the original document, though certainly not a direct translation.

A sizable chunk of people who contact me look for discounts, and some do end up going with someone cheaper. It’s all part of the freelance world. If you are worth more, charge more, and stick to your prices. However, I think Maitasun above has a very good point. Higher prices demand a track record of success in pleasing clients.


I’ve completed the project for this same client now after someone full on used auto transcript followed by copy paste google translate.
Nothing what was produced was usable and I did the project for the initial price, from scratch.

By now I’ve earned over 1200 in the past 8 days. Just because I don’t have the clients here doesn’t mean I’m not pleasing :stuck_out_tongue:
But yeah I get what you mean.

In the end, this was just a rant.