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Big props to the forum admins - your diligence brought me back... :)

Even though I wasn’t posting or participating or logging in, I was still visiting to keep up to date as it’s sometimes the only way to find out about an update or new addition…ahem…

However, this is about the forum admins who have been doing a wonderful job of keeping the forum ‘as clean as possible’. :slight_smile: Big ups and thank you. I saw your actions and results and it brought me back to post again and to interact. Thanks to all sheriffs, admins, and moderators. Specifically @madmoo. Give her some love! :slight_smile:

DTong (TRS)

Thank you =D>

Hi Dtong!

Great to see feedback like this and the activity increasing. We’re working on multiple new techniques to improve the forum and hope to do even more in the future. It’s nice to see it’s being noticed.



Reply to @madmoo: I knew I read that it was a slew of ya, just didn’t have the names so props to them as well.

I’m definitely not going anywhere. I love my work and love my buyers (most of em…lol). Just accepting that Fiverr is only another revenue stream and can’t be my only one. Still think it COULD be, but don’t think it WILL be. If ya follow me.

Reply to @twistedweb123: I understand it’s voluntary work so the only pay really is recognition. :slight_smile: