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Big trouble! What's should I need to do now?


A few days ago I had received an email from fiverr about a special PJ, but I couldn’t open the submit link of google driver in that email, so I reply to ask for a help. And then, I received an email from an email address called nett…@… to support about my trouble, I so thankful about this, but now I have some trouble when I sent the submit email to a wrong email address.

I just thought I need to reply to nett…@…com because she/he is who answered the email asking for help of me. But now when I check it again, I detected I sent the submit email to wrong email address.

I sent the sample picture to wrong address (from ed…@…com to nett…@…com), so I had resend an email to ed…@…com, but I don’t know in this case, I detect this mistakes to late (I need to sent it to ed…@…com since March 17), what’s should I need to do now?

*So sorry because I can’t public the email address

Reply to @sabiansoldier: I’m just a little confused. Sorry about that :frowning:

I received a special project, and I need to send an email to confirm that I will participate in the project. I need to send this email on March 17, to email address is ed @ com.

But because I can not open a link to fill it as required by the project owner. so I sent an email asking for help. and received support from the mail address is nett@com. Then, I was confused and sent the sample picture to email address nett@com, instead ed@com

I don’t exactly understand what your issue is…are you trying to deliver work? Or are you trying to communicate with support?

Next thing I would probably do if I were you is explain your problem to us in coherent English

I have to agree with the others, I can’t understand what you are trying to do. By special project, do you mean someone ordered a gig? If so, they asked you to send something via regular email to complete the gig and you sent it to the wrong person?

Is Fiverr Customer Support involved in this?

Fiverr send this pj to my email, so maybe it will be located outside the support of Fiverr. Hmm…it’s like an invitation to participate in this project. and I also tried to send support requests to Fiverr support, but do not see the email to notification about received my support requests as previous

Reply to @smartgroupvn: It really sounds like you may have gotten a scam email that was faked. I would contact Fiverr though Customer Support right away. Don’t use email, file a support ticket. Send them the content of the email that you got about this “special project.” If you clicked on a link or sent an email with ANY information (especially Fiverr information) you need to change your password immediately. Then wait for CS to get back with you. I don’t think the forum can help you.

Reply to @fonthaunt: Really? I just take care this account since a few days ago from my manager, and this case will make her become mad with me :frowning: I think I have to contact the SC again :frowning:

Reply to @smartgroupvn: I really can’t be sure based on what you wrote since it is kind of garbled, but it does sound suspicious. If I’m wrong it still doesn’t hurt to change your password. It is always good to check with CS on email that appears to come with Fiverr but asks for details. That’s all I can suggest.

Reply to @smartgroupvn: Do you work for a company that also advertises off of Fiverr?

YOu said you have a manager, so that does not make any sense. Do you have your own gig for sale that the buyer paid for?

And we are having trouble understanding what you are saying because of your English…What is a pj?

If you sent something to the wrong email address, why can’t you just send it again to the correct email address with a note?

But you should know that you are not supposed to be emailing a Fiverr buyer directly anyway, so something does not sound ok.

Hi @smartgroupvn, I agree with @sincere18 and @fonthaunt. I think you received a scam message, but beyond this, your question is a bit difficult to follow. I’d notify Fiverr Support if you are worried that your account has been compromised.

Change your password right now! this is how scammers work - a few weeks ago I got a message with a link to a fiverr gig, that actually wasn’t to fiverr, it was to a different site, but I didn’t notice (it was or something like that) and it said to log back in again… I thought they wanted me to do a job, but it was just a scam to get my login details :frowning: :frowning: it was REALLY convincing, looked just like the normal fiverr site.

Even if you haven’t been scammer, changing your login password would be a really good idea, just in case!