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Bigfoot, the North American Great Ape


Here is a realistic bigfoot video, for anyone interested in the unusual. Notice near the end you can see the characteristic gliding walk with knees bent…


You can fast forward to 03:45


Whoa! The “Bigfoot” stories always intrigued me. I’ve watched countless sightings footages. It seems like this big guy/gal is harmless; a big teddybear :bear: , it never engages humans or anything. I’m not :100:% sure tho!


Some poor guy from my area got dressed up in a gorilla costume and was trying to scare people along the road one summer night. He got hit by a car, but luckily he did not die. :gorilla:


This stuff really gives me the creeps… Glad we don’t have things like that here :wink:


I’ve seen one twice, once as a child and one a few years ago.

This is one of the better videos. The actions of the dog make this one believable.

Yes Vickie it’s not smart for anyone to dress up as a bigfoot and risk getting shot.


I have always wondered how many :footprints: are out there? Like a colony of sasquatch. Surely it’s not the same one after all these years. They’ve probably been multiplying in the woods :evergreen_tree: for decades.


Some say there are thousands. They have been seen in almost every state.


I believe Bigfoots exist but that’s probably a fake. No Bigfoot will just march like that. They do know that people own guns and guns can wound and kill them pretty quickly. Nobody wants to get wounded in the animal kingdom. Lions are careful and they don’t go charging elephants!!


Bigfoots are not afraid of people. Only one time has it been reported that one showed fear, and that was a small one running along a highway, at dusk, trapped by a fence between the fence and the roadway, and people in cars could see the terror in its eyes. Otherwise they do not show fear at all. They simply leave when people are around but don’t take off running usually.


Avoiding humans at all costs. If that’s not fear, how’d you call that?


It’s simply a preference to be left alone. I can understand that. I’ve only seen two reports in the past hundred years that they got shot, aside from one in Nazi Germany where soldiers saw some in a cave and shot and killed them.


You need to read more. Many have been shot. .500 S&W or similar big caliber takes it down like it’s a baby kitten.


I do read more. They do not get shot usually. As I said I’ve heard of two being shot aside from the ones in Germany.

I’ve talked to John Bindernagel about this on the phone. He is the scientist along with Meldrum, who has made a life mission of studying them.


Many get taken down in the States by poachers or just hunters that saw it by mistake. From what I’ve heard, they need humans. But I’ll tell no more. If you don’t believe me, go make a night trip, and spend 5 days in the Yellowstone. Go alone if you don’t love your life. Go so you can prove your theory right against my wrong ‘facts’.


Here is who I talk to about bigfoot on the phone about once a month:

He collects information on them daily from all over N. American.


As soon as the dog starts barking I hear some “huff…huff” grunt sounds, like loud snorts which at first I thought was the dog exhaling but on further views of this, I don’t think that sound is coming from the dog.
The sounds are too deep and loud for such a small dog when it is exhaling.


I like the video but don’t really want to forward an opinion. I am certain that I have seen at least one officially extinct animal (non-cryptozoological) in the wild living today. If, however, I had videoed it, there would likely be tracking of it and expeditions to find an already dwindling population and cause all the usual negative human interference with the best intentions.

In this case, I want Bigfoot left as a mystery.

Aliens, however, are another matter entirely. The amount of crazy sky crap on Malta is ridiculous. I just wish people would spend more time looking up to bloody see it for themselves, rather than down at their phones whilst being militantly dismissive of anyone who is not a cyber zombie.


I’ve seen a UFO a few years back but as usual it was too far away to make out details.
A small upside down saucer shape in a sunny cloudless sky. I had a very high vantage point of the sky.


Here it just gets head spinny. You have silver metal balls speeding through the air quickly turning invisible. I’ve even seen a collapsing in on itself giant sky jellyfish. The most disturbing ones, though, are these stars you find yourself fixating on like they are bugging you subconsciously. Then suddenly, maybe half an hour later, they drop down and suddenly stoop like a bird of prey which has just seen something tasty to eat,

Also, while there is a massive mafia presence where I live, the number of missing people who are never found again would be enough to fill a book or two… If the last person writing a book like that hadn’t themselves vanished a year ago after getting a warning from the local police.