Biggest Article I've Ever Written - My Personal Record


Just wrote a 11,000 word article on a subject which I won’t mention because it is slightly controversial. Not illegal, but controversial. Now off to Cafe Cofee Day!


See nobody cares! :wink: :slight_smile:


Thanks for making the 11000 word articles great again.


That is a Book not an article. 11,000 words? I don’t know if there is anyone who will spend hours reading 11,000 word article.
All the best.


Yeah you are right. The best would be an “one word article”.
Probably possible, in German :wink:


Wow! Good work! How long did it take you to write it?


10-12 hours…


It must’ve taken you a long time to do research about the article that you wrote.


Yeah, I suppose so, but that’s already history, I now have to do 29,000 words in 3 days.


Glad you are pushing your limits and doing well.


Geez was that like 20 pages? That’s impressive.