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Biggest Bug Found on Fiverr Platform

Hello Fiverrs,

Today I found the biggest error on that I have uploaded a screenshot.

As you can see on the right corner it is showing 15h 13m late. But Now, let me tell you the truth.
I got this order on Sunday and Order delivery time was 24 hours and I delivered the order before 24 hours and as you can see there a pink label that says ‘Delivered’.

Why fiverr is treating this order as late? Why? Why? Why?
Is this error or what? Have you faced this same problem before? If not then check your recent delivered order and If you found same then comment here.

After Delivered the order If the customer is not coming online and not responding or not completing order then Why we accept this late label on our order???

I am requesting the fiverr team that please solve this bug/error as soon as possible.

Digital Drivers.

This bug is not acceptable for our sellers. As we are delivering the order on time before deadline then why it’s treating our order as LATE???

contact customer support, i hope they will fix it for you

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Yes, but first of all I want to know from other sellers too! If they are facing same problem then may be We can tell to customer support.

Oh, don’t be so dramatic please. :slight_smile:
This is totally normal, it’s same for all the sellers and it’s just the timer that never stops. If you delivered on time, it will count it as delivered on time. Even if your buyer request any revision, it won’t affect delivery on time. :wink:


Yes! That’s what I want to hear from some experienced sellers. Thanks for information.

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You’re welcome. Wish you all the best! :wink:

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I second that. It doesn’t affect anything if you delivered your order before the deadline.


Yes, I hope so. Because I delivered my order before deadline. :slight_smile: Thank you for sharing knowledge.