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Biggest bug on Fiverr

Hi,hope you all are doing good. I am facing difficulty in getting orders on fiverr.
The thing is I made my profile in 2016 approximately 2 years ago.
But I have started selling 20 days ago.Fiverr shows on my profile seller since 2016.I think when buyers come to my profile they think that this man has not got order in 2 years why should we hire him.But this is wrong since I have started selling 20 days ago.

Is this the reason I am not getting orders?If yes what can I do now?

Fiverr should show something like seller since…
Instead of member since…

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You could mention this in your profile description to let potential buyers know the situation.

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Yeah I could.But this is basically a bug.Fiverr should detect the date when the first gig was created.And then show it on people’s profile that he/she started selling on this date.Instead what they show right now is MEMBER SINCE something.

Let suppose if I mention it in my profile description what proof do I have to prove that what I am saying is right i.e I started selling few days ago.

And I am sure I am not alone who is not getting orders or messages because of the same reason

Anyhow see you have got your first sale. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah,But it’s been 23 days and I have only one sale.If this issue wasn’t there.I think I could have more sales.

Its only an issue if you make it an issue. It is not a bug, or issue with the site.

You were a member of the site since 2016 and your profile simply shows that. It doesn’t say you started selling in 2016, just that you became a member then. Perhaps you were a buyer, or looking around researching the site or any other reason for becoming a member then. You aren’t being penalised, you are a new seller and it takes time to get orders and build up your customer base, profile etc.


Wouldn’t make the slightest bit of difference to me if I were buying! :slightly_smiling_face:

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A Buyer also can think you are an experienced worker. Isn’t a beneficial ? :smiley: Cheers!!


Hahahaha, With one sale in 3 years they will not think of me as a experienced seller! xD

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You are just not doing business in Fiverr but working on the internet.

Simply put a little description :wink:


Well your other choice is to cancel your account with the help of CS and start a new one. It’s up to you! :sunny:


Well, I will try my best to get orders.But if that does not work out the last option is to create a new account.
But this is my opinion that there should be a field showing when the user started selling.Anybody can agree or disagree with it.

Well, Thanks for the help guys!