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Biggest Issue In Fiverr


Despite every effort to please, buyer will make all sort of excuse to get your free work. Then use chargeback to get her money back.

If everything that happened wasn’t upsetting enough, it’s knowing that this person still running rampant on Fiverr, preying on defenseless sellers without a shred of repercussion & Fiverr own community decided to stand with such buyer under the pretense of rules. Rules are created to prevail justice, but some people see it as an order and turn blind eyes on the biggest issue ever since Fiverr was created.

Believe me, if they can reverse fund while still getting the service they want due to Fiverr loophole in payment system, they will manipulate it, knowing they can and will get away with it. I admit I was bit emotional in the last post as well but please stop faking you guys are okay with all these things. The current policy and payment system has made it very easy for buyers to do fraud with the sellers. It’s obvious Fiverr aware what was going on, yet they just let it slide in fear of negative reviews. I could go on, but I wont. So this is goodbye. I wont forget all the good memories in fiverr, it is very sad it end this way. Good luck guys.


please dnt be sad take this as a lesson and come on dear start work again with new zeal and passion yep sweet trees have to bear stones and also its failure mentality believe me i cry bcz of one buyer i did so good with him but we have to understand not everyone is good we have to experience some bad things and these experiences happens to create us more strong not weak so come on start work again and be a top seller


Thanks for your encouragement, I really appreciate it. I hope people dont abandon Fiverr altogether because it has massive potential. But until they rectify the issue and fiverr started to take sellers more seriously, we will always be vulnerable to such scam. The order was delivered on november & approved by the buyer but she claims it back yesterday using chargeback. Once approved, she ask me to do more works for FREE which I did. And when I didn’t want to do it anymore for free, she opens refund dispute direct in paypal. Unbelievable. Fiverr said it is out of their hand but this issue has been here since forever. So basically they’re telling we dont have the right to protect ourself and they wont protect us either, if its happen it happen. Hard not to give up when this thing happened.


If anyone want to join Fiverr, please understand that the power is in the hand of the buyer because some sellers even condone this act on the basis of rules. The buyer control everything. If they want, they can get your work for free.


its not true but in some cases yes but we its a world there are good or bad people so we have to protect ourself from them and do your best work hard and be patience yep its a life we have to pass through some bad experiences but we have to learn from them and move on for the best