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Times Global Insurance, which is India’s Leading Mobile & Laptop Insurance Company has conducted a survey from fiverr users in India and found that …The biggest problem in fiverr portal is of payment gateway, India having population of more then 1250000000 and about 15.46% of this population browse and want to give business to sellers but due to lack of payment gateway system i.e(fiverr is using paypal as its payment gateway, and 95 percent bank debit cards and net banking dont support fiverr), Sellers are loosing business from all across the world. Like India there are surely other countries banks who dont support paypal. So fiverr should improve and give alternate payment gateway (international) in order to increase its revenue.

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Actually, it probably isn’t quite that big of a problem. Payoneer is readily available as well and it is usable in India. I agree that more methods would be nice, but since Payoneer is an alternative it isn’t absolutely necessary so far. There is a thread in the Suggestion Box if you want to add your thoughts there. You can find it here:

Indian Dont like to use Skrill or wallet payment gateway

Reply to @monikamonika: I am not positive I understand you, but your current best choice in India (as far as I know) is Payoneer. You do not have any active gigs so payment should not be an issue for you at this time, regardless. Good luck!