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Biggest Problems what sellers face in Fiverr

In these days there are lot of scam buyers are available. First they trying to talk friendly and get work done. Also they try to get more extra services for just $5. After that they will put a horrible reviews for our services and leave. Also we can’t change that feedback forever because fiverr customer support never support to sellers. They always support for buyer. Fiverr should care about sellers before buyers. Today they don’t realize that and after fiverr went down with no sellers fiverr will think about it but it’s will be too late. And this is our fault because we sell our valuable service for just few dollars. (I’m specially talking about Graphic Designing ). From other freelancing sites we can earn reasonable service for our service. And I guess those freelancing sites doesn’t have any horrible customers because those buyers are not beggars. It’s time to meet good customers and get reasonable value for our work.

First Message ( He wanted to convert his non editable document to editable one)

After placed the order

Beautiful Review :frowning:

Great support from CS

Sorry for my bad English.

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We are on a thumbs up or down, I like it or I don’t like it platform.

Creative gigs don’t work well in this type of platform. The customer should know exactly what they are getting before they order. It will not work to use the “give it a shot and see if I like it.” approach.

This is not necessarily Fiverr’s fault. They just set up the platform. We decide what we are going to offer on that platform.

There are creative services that I do that are not a good fit for the platform. You must choose wisely.

If the customer doesn’t know what they want and can’t explain to you what’s in their head. It could be a long creative process and in the end they still may not like it. “the dress just makes me look fat”.

@aree, I’d bet that’s exactly what she’s doing. Run!

@t185… maybe you don’t design a custom logo for $5, but there are plenty of graphic designers in lesser-developed countries that do. If it’s not worth it to you, don’t do it.

I wonder how many buyers have actually read what the TOS says about modifications? Modification is not to be used when you don’t like a gig. If the seller met the requirements of what was discussed or what he listed he would do for $5, than according to the TOS he has done his job.

one lady wanted her manuscript for her novel to be proof read and edited. She said she was having a lot of offers so she will narrow down on some sellers and then order a chapter or two t be proofread and edited then finally she would compare samples and choose a buyer… my question is can they do that? What if she asked everyone to correct a different chapter and then ends up getting her entire novel done for free? how will we know who to trust?

Fiverr should think about these annoying buyers

Not “seller before buyer” need to treat equally for both. I have more experience of this kind of buyers. Some buyers place order with many gig extras (about $100) without any discussion. We also trying to do quickly. since the order value. finally they ask refunds.

some others trying to make friendship like you said above. they ask to do this job quickly and he have more orders on the way or he like to work continuously, bla bla. finally they asking refund.

I think it is better having mechanism to tackle this kind of buyers and save the sellers goodwill.


Reply to @deshan97: this is really frustrating. Sorry to hear this happened to you :frowning:

I put together a discussion a little while back to help spot “red flags” in potential bad or malicious Buyers. Linking it here:

Hope this helps

The fault lies with site itself and here is a concrete example - my own example. I have quite a simple logo. It’s shape and layout is already done. However, I do not like the shadows in it’s 3d look. Or maybe I want few versions as in flat and 3d and whatever. So, I am sitting here, with no idea how to post a request for work because I am having difficulties figuring out what to ask to be done for $5. The whole idea of doing lots of work and making it up on higher resolution formats is bizarre because someone who is seriously expecting custom logos for $5 will most likely steal the design if the good format files are themselves also not relatively cheap. Having said all of that, how do I post a project that is neither $5 nor $500 but maybe $50 and gets expanded to $100 by doing gifs and flat vs 3d and other variations, if I end up liking the initial $50 look? In any case, I recommend that the site be renamed from bizarre to a more sensible so that everyone (besides the site) can thrive. And you know what? If this site thinks that I am not being constructive (for their own sake for which they should actually pay me) then they can feel free to ban me - right now! :wink:

I’m sorry for the inconvenience that you have faced, what I can do for you is to advice to be strong and keep going there is hundred of nasty buyers and also hundred of great people who buy from fiverr, the problem is not only in bad buyers the problem also in unprofessional amateur sellers who can’t get competition with professional sellers so they choose that nasty way and leave negative feedback to sellers who can be a competitor for them and yes also there is too many buyers who just see the weak place of the system and use that to get free services, because even 1 negative feedback can ruin your years hard work,

i get people like this everyday i mean i do more than what they’ve paid for and they just write a negative comment so it would force me to process them a refund. i feel so devastated about it sometimes.

Same situation with annoying buyer. Fiverr, please pay attention to sellers. We all make the mechanism works. Not the buyers only. No sellers=no buyers=no profit to anyone. :open_mouth:

Reply to @steveeyes: TOS is just a TOS, it can’t stop buyer clicking on "Request a Modification " so buyer don’t care. They just click it and force seller to do. They give sellers 2 choices : Do modification or Negative feedback.
I will be very happy if Fiverr let seller to set a limit for Modification button. It’s really a MUST now because i got some buyers, who never contact me before placing order.