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Biggest tip for new Sellers

When I started, not going to lie, I was super gun ho about doing voice acting. I thought I was going to take the world by storm and just become the biggest thing in the voice acting industry. Then I didn’t. But I didn’t give up. I continued to apply for buyer requests, share myself out there on social media and just kept getting myself out there. Not in like a spammy way but in a, hey I’m here! Don’t forget about me! Kind of way and then I had a guy order from me and really brought him what I knew I could do. So don’t give up, keep honing your skill and make it the absolute best you can and you will get an order if you have a product that is of excellent quality!


It’s such a a outstanding tips for beginner

Thanks for sharing your advice on this. I’m dipping my toes into web development, and as a rookie, it’s important to remember that I need to be consistent. Only working on my skills once or twice a week won’t get me anymore - I need spend plenty of time throughout the week improving myself and throwing my name out there to get a client.

This is a very good tip indeed! Although I am doing steady work here, I did not use this. I will definitely be more active and share my thoughts on regular basis. :slight_smile:

Outstanding tips for beginners . I am also beginner . Thanks

I am a new fievrr seller of character design. But I don’t know why the post doesn’t appear in fievrr. Does anyone know why ?

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