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Biggest Tip you have ever ben given?


Good morning !

So I had a buyer buy 20 units of my gig this morning, but only provided info for me to complete one.

The rest he says is a tip! $95 Tip can you believe that? Whats the biggest tip you have received from a buyer? This has to be my biggest to date.


Wayne Austin


Just thought I’d mention, that he is a repeat buyer !


For sure, Plain and simple he provided the info for the gig and said the rest is a tip!

Made my day waking up to that email !


My largest tip was $15 but I am more proud of my repeat customers, who are ALWAYS generous with $5 tips here and there. They add up and the repeat work is great.


$15 is my biggest tip so far


Very nice! I have received several nice tips this year for going above and beyond for my family tree gig which made me send them another little extra something.