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Biggest waste of time in recent history

Fiverr may work for a lot of people but not me. I have never in my life wasted so much time for so little money and had to wait so long and jump through so many hoops and pay so many fees to get it. I mean really! Nothing should be or needs to be that f*****d up. Just my opinion. I have no intention of coming back here to check on reply’s so if you want to leave one, do it for someone else’s benefit. I’m thru with this wreck of an operation.

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Well, ya know what they say–giving up has a failure rate of 100%. Using specious logic, I deduce you to be a failure, and a pretty sore one at that. Still, you’re not going to read this so who cares? All the hallmarks of a flounce here…

It shows in his attitude-- blaming fiverr instead of himself-- why he can’t succeed.
Cursing, placing blame on the site, throwing a tantrum, saying “I’m leaving and never coming back” are not hallmarks of a success.

Funny how he says one skill he has is mediating disputes. Imagine hiring this angry cursing guy for that.

For people who don’t have many job opportunities, Fiverr is better than nothing.

Bye Felicia! :stuck_out_tongue:

For others who read this: I’ve found Fiverr to be highly beneficial, but I’ve gotten out of it only what I put into it. Nothing more and nothing less. I’ve also found that putting work into it is only helpful if you actually take some time to get to know what Fiverr is for, how it works, and craft your approach accordingly.

This site will not get you rich really fast and it will not provide you totally passive income. It will not work just because you toss a gig out and feel like you’ve worked very hard at it. Recently there was a TRS on Fiverr who suddenly panicked and came to the forum because her account was banned. It turned out she had been “focusing on work” and didn’t ever read the Terms of Service, so she also had a second account. She worked hard, yes, but she also didn’t know how things work here, so in the long run it was all a waste of time.

If you think the OP in this thread is exactly right, good for you, time to move on. If not, good for you and good luck!

Calling fiverr a “wreck of an operation” is ridiculous. Why not admit to oneself that so far you aren’t being successful so it’s time to get to work and try harder? It’s not the fees and having to jump through hoops that are the problem.

His profile says “Integrity and work ethic will win your respect”.
Not really seeing it buddy :smiley: