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Billing Information settings


in the settings of my fiver account under the option (Billing Information
The following information will be displayed on your invoices) is the info in that section going to be on my customers invoice when they purchase a gig from me or is that info that fiver will put for when fiver pays me for my completed gigs,

when someone purchases a gig, is my info displayed on their invoice or is it fivers info etc?


As a seller, you don’t need to worry about the invoicing - Fiverr does it all for you.

A buyer places an order with you, you don’t need to know about their billing etc. You get a notification, you do the order and deliver it. You get paid 14 days after the order has been accepted or it autocompletes.

The only info the buyer sees about you is your username and country.

You’ll find answers to your questions here:


In the case that you still need to invoice you can use the awesome And.Co app, free from Fiverr.


Unless they’ve changed something, and Fiverr are not integrated yet, so can’t be used for invoicing when it comes to Fiverr clients.


I meant for outside offers, not inside fiverr. Like @offlinehelpers said, literally no need for it inside fiverr since fiverr does it all for you.