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Binary Options or Forex Trading managed account gigs - how is that working for you?

I am starting this conversation as a way of contributing to the safety of the buyers community. Hopefully, this conversation will help many who may be thinking of engaging the services of a seller to help profitably manage their binary options or forex trading account for a fee. So please let’s share the good, the bad and the ugly of how this arrangement has worked out for us.

For me, I have tried this kind of arrangement both here at Fiverr and elsewhere and really the great question to ask to see if this passes “it sounds too good to be true” test is why would someone you’ve never met be so nice in making Thousands of dollars for you while they just are just fine in charging $100 or $200? That obviously sounds too good to be true.

So my experience here at Fiverr and elsewhere was seller made profit and then followed up with just one bad trade to clean up the account. For the one here at Fiverr, seller denied outright trading on the binary options account the day the losing trades occurred even though the account history provided to him shows all the trade positions that were opened. I checked his review and someone else had a problem with him of a loss and his reply was someone else traded on the account. On the other one that was outside of Fiverr, the seller admitted trading on the account but claimed that the market went against the trade immediately he opened his position. That was not true because the log showed that the trade position was on for about 6 hours before margin call kicked in which terminated the losing trade that wiped out the account. In these two scenarios, I cannot but think that could these sellers be backdoor agents of the broker since your loss is actually the broker’s gain if the broker is a market maker?

So please let us know how it has worked for you using someone’s service to help you trade your account. Tell us the good, the bad and the ugly sides of it. Thanks for sharing.