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Binary Trading through My IP Address Using a software

Hi there. Someone Asked me to Share my IP address with him using a software. The Client wanted to Trade online. According to him It was not allowed to trade in His country. What Should I do now ? is it legal and risk-free


Of course it isn’t. Wow.


You mean to say that It’s illegal and risky?

He wants access to your PC it looks like, it’s a scam (it could be illegal what he wants to do, he could also commit fraud/Id theft or something) and probably nothing to do with your gigs. Also if he wasn’t allowed to trade in his country, doing it through your PC would also not be allowed - but it’s a scam.

Refuse what he’s asking. You can report it if you want.


She means to say that it’s illegal and risky. And the wow doesn’t mean “Wow, what a great opportunity you got there” but “Why is that even a question, that this is illegal and risky”.

Don’t engage with requests like that, reply briefly if you’re worried about your response rate and/or mark it as spam.


If he’s not allowed to trade in his country, helping him circumvent the rules definitely isn’t legal.

Whenever someone asks you to do something that has literally nothing with the services you offer, it can’t be risk-free.


He wanted to do something illegal and use your computer and IP address to do it.

So you get in trouble and possibly loss money and go to jail instead of him.


Yes and obviously a scam/ a way for this person to do nefarious activity through you without getting in trouble and obviously not appropriate for Fiverr and against the ToS.

It’s deeply concerning that you don’t see this and need to ask.