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Birth date issue

I want to change my birth date of my account but I can’t find any option to change it. Can you please tell me how to change my birth date of my Fiverr account?

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So - you lied on your registration?

May be it cannot change

you are not able to change your birth day

You can contact customer care and inform it

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Why would you need to change your birthday? You were only born once – just like the rest of us – and that day is your birthday for the rest of your life. It won’t change. Therefore, there doesn’t seem to be any need to change your listed birthday on Fiverr either.

I assume if the OP made a typo/mistake entering it there’d be a need to change it.

Like suggested above, the best thing would probably be to contact CS in this case so it can be corrected quickly, eg. before any ID verification that might show a difference.

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The fact that the OP has had a Fiverr account since at least November, and appears to have had his/her account removed/restricted by Fiverr during the course of this discussion, lends itself to the issue being more than just a mistaken birth date having been entered four months ago. :wink:

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Hello @mariahossain, contact to CS.